GreenLine Bus Ticket Price with Contact Number in 2020

GreenLine Bus Ticket Price with Contact Number in 2021

The green line is one of the most luxurious bus services has a large number of buses on different routes. The most impressive thing about the service provider is they have the best coaches in the whole country. Apart from bus services, they also offer ship services with the top quality ships on many routes. The green line bus service started their journey with a view to provide you a world-class passenger journey from a third world country like Bangladesh.

If you are searching for the GreenLine bus ticket price, then you are in the right place. Today we will provide you the bus ticket price of different routes as well as other relevant information about the passenger bus service provider. So, keep reading the next part of the article.

GreenLine Bus Ticket Price with Contact Number in 2021

Green Line Bus Service Routes

The exciting thing about the green line bus company is they operate the service in a lot of routes. The most famous road of green line bus service in Dhaka to Chittagong. The other inter-country road includes Rangpur, Bogra, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Khulna, Benapol, etc. Recently green line Bus Company added their bus Dhaka to Kolkata route international route.

GreenLine Bus Ticket Price

The Green Line Bus Ticket price varies depending on the routes. Usually, the fare of the ticket price is a little bit high in the Green Line as they provide the best service in the entire country. Below, we will offer you the price structure of some of the most popular route of the bus service provider.

Dhaka to Chittagong:

Volvo Buses: 900 BDT, Scania Buses: 1150

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar:

Volvo: 900 BDT, Scania: 1800 BDT

Dhaka to Sylhet:

Volvo: 850, Scania: 1100

Dhaka to Khulna:

Volvo: 950 BDT

Dhaka to Jessore:

Volvo: 850 BDT

Dhaka to Calcutta

Scania: 1500 BDT

Dhaka to Benapol:
Scania: 1100 BDT

Dhaka to Rangpur

Volvo: 600 BDT

Dhaka to Bogra:

Volvo: 550 BDT

Dhaka to Rajshahi

Volvo: 650 BDT

History of Green Line Bus Service

The green line bus service started their journey in 1990. It started by a humble man named Al-Hajj Mohammad Alauddin, who is also the managing director of the company currently. Though started with a small number of buses and stuff, currently, the green line is one of the largest transport companies in the entire Bangladesh. There is more than 200 stuff of green line and more than sixty buses. The buses include most luxurious versions of the Volvo and Scania. Green Line bus service is the very first company who introduced the AC bus in the country.

Additional Facilities of Green Line Bus Service

Green life is the only bus service providers in the entire country which offer you free buffet food with its ticket. However, it is not available for all the routes. You will only find this opportunity while traveling from Dhaka to Chittagong with the double-decker AC bus of the company. The kinds of stuff on the bus are very polite and always concerned about customer issues. While traveling through the green line, there are no possibilities of problems on the road.

 GreenLine Bus Service Contact Number

For any types queries and questions, you can contact the green line service directly. They have a dedicated customer service which is always concerned about the customer queries. You can also complain about any issues through customer service.

You can email them at,

Cell: 01730060004

Fax: 00-88-02-8350003

Head office: 9/2, Outer Circular Road, Rajarbagh, Dhaka

If you want to enjoy a luxurious trip, then the green line will be best for you. Hopefully, the above information will be helpful for you while traveling through the Green Line. 

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