Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule and Ticket price in December 2019

Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule and Ticket price in December 2019

“The gladdest moment in human life, I think, is a departure into unknown lands”-Sir Richard Burton. But in our life we basically can’t just depart for an unknown land, at first we decide our destination and then we plan our trip.

In Bangladesh train is considered to be the safest day to day vehicle for some basic reasons. The train is extremely affordable for all sorts of people and safe at a time. There is also no chance of stuck in traffic so punctuality will be in your bucket list for the train.

Bangladesh Government has considered the efficiency of train sector and has been improving its passenger facilities every year.

Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule and Ticket price

Dhaka to Tangail train list

There have various types of train in Dhaka to Tangail route, Some of them are intercity trains  but we don’t know the train name of this route. Here are the list of these trains that you always find in this Route.

  1. Padma Express
  2. Drutajan Express
  3. Silkcity Express
  4. Lalmani Express
  5. Sundarban Express
  6. Ekota Express
  7. Sirajgonj Express
  8. Rangpur Express
  9. Dumkatu Express
  10. Nilsagar
  11. Chitra Express

Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule, Distance and Ticket Price

Tangail district is a well-known district under Dhaka Division which is about 97 kilometers from the capital city Dhaka. If you wish to go by road then it will take more or less 3 hours to 3.30 hours, without any traffic on the road. This is more often as impossible as a free trip to Bali by winning a lottery.

So if you don’t wish to dump your journey by the jam and be much of a realistic then the train is the best solution for you with just 2 hours of journey.

Plus you get to enjoy the natural view peacefully and will be able to have a decent meal from train cafeteria.

In this article, we will try to provide you the train schedule, ticket price, off day and other information to make your Dhaka to Tangail journey easier and enjoyable.

Train schedule for Dhaka to Tangail is given below.

Train NameTrainFromStart TOArrivalDays
Dhumkatu Express769Dhaka6:00Tangail8:00Saturday
Sundarban Express726Dhaka6:20Tangail8:35Tuesday
NillSagor Express765Dhaka8:00Tangail10:20Monday
Ekota Express705Dhaka10:00Tangail12:04Tuesday
Silkcity Express753Dhaka14:40Tangail17:06Sunday
Sirajgonj Express776Dhaka17:00Tangail19:35Saturday
Drutajan Express757Dhaka20:00Tangail22:04Wednesday
Lalmoni Express751Dhaka22:10Tangail0:19Friday
Padma Express759Dhaka23:10Tangail1:06Tuesday

Dhaka to Tangail train ticket price

If you are interested in travel Dhaka to Tangail by train, at first you need to buy a train ticket from the nearest railway station. Also, you can collect a ticket from online or mobile operators.

Bangladesh government has given us this easier solution to book train tickets from the government website of the railway.

Before traveling by train, you will have to collect an advance ticket for the inner city train, otherwise, it becomes difficult to get a desirable ticket.  But no need to collect an advance ticket for mail train.

In below ticket price for different class seats of Bangladesh railway is given for Dhaka to Tangail.

Seat class                             Price

General(Second)             BDT. 40.00

Mail(Second)                    BDT.50.00

Commuter                        BDT.60.00

Sulov                                 BDT.75.00

Shovon                              BDT.120.00

Shovon Chair                    BDT.145.00

First Chair                         BDT.190.00

First Birth                          BDT.285.00

Singdha(AC)                      BDT.240.00

AC Seat                              BDT.275.00

Hopefully, this Dhaka to Tangail train schedule Guide fills up your Demand. If you need any kind of update Train schedule or related train schedule like Joydebpur train schedule of Bangladesh than You can find from this website.


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