Dhaka to Sylhet Air Ticket Price with Schedule in 2020

Dhaka to Sylhet Air Ticket Price 2021

Sylhet is one of the nicest cities in Bangladesh. The place is filled with many naturally beautiful places. Apart from this, there are also a lot of places with historical importance. However, the bus route in Dhaka to Sylhet is not very good. Besides, there not enough trains on this route. As a result, most of the individuals don’t visit the place just because of improper transportation. However, Dhaka to Sylhet airways can be a great way to visit the place in the shortest time with proper comfort.

There are multiple air services in Dhaka to Sylhet route. Today we will provide you Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket price as well as other information about the services.

Dhaka to Sylhet Air Ticket Price

Dhaka to Sylhet Air Ticket Price in 2021

Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket price varies depending on the services. As there is a wide range of services available on this route, you can choose one according to your budget. Usually, the highly popular services will cost you a little much. Below, we will provide the fare from different providers.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dhaka to Sylhet Ticket Price

“Prices can change anytime.”

Super Saver Package: BDT 2500

Economy Saver Package: BDT 4000

Economy Flexible Package: BDT 5000

Business Saver Package: BDT 5700

Business Flexible Package: BDT 6100

US Bangla Airlines Dhaka to Sylhet Ticket Price

“Prices can change anytime.”

Promotional Economy Package: BDT 3200

Discount Economy Package: BDT 3700

Restricted Economy Package: BDT 5000

Regular Economy Package: BDT 6200

Novo Air Dhaka to Sylhet Ticket Price

“Prices can change anytime.”

Special Promo Package: BDT 2700

Promo Package: BDT 3200

Special Package: BDT 4100

Discount Package: BDT 4700

Saver Package: BDT 5500

Flexible Package: BDT 6600

The fare structure of the above-mentioned companies can change anytime according to the company policy. You can be assured about the price by visiting the official websites of the service providers.

Dhaka to Sylhet Air Schedule

The Dhaka to Sylhet air service providers operates the service at different times of the day. The time can change depending on the service providers. However, multiple flights are starting from the morning to the late night. You can choose a time slot according to your preference. For more accurate information, you can visit the company website of the service provider. The allocated time can change depending on the weather and other issues.

Why choose air services?

It takes only forty minutes to move from Dhaka to Sylhet on air. Besides, you will require 8 to 10 hours to visit Sylhet by bus or train. Also, there are no stresses on the road while traveling on the air. You can go with proper comfort and luxuriousness with the air service. There are around 40 flights in this route every week. So, if you need to go within a short notice and if you want to visit with luxuries and comfort, then you should choose air.

Where to buy a ticket?

There are multiple places from where you can buy the tickets of the Dhaka to Sylhet airways. Most of the air services allow you to buy the ticket from their website. Besides, you can also buy the ticket from agencies or the airport. The best way to buy the ticket is by buying directly from the official selling point of the agency. The agencies may precede your ticket faster, but they will cost you an extra amount.

Dhaka to Sylhet is a long route of 240 kilometers. If you want to travel the place within the shortest time, then air services will be the best choice for you. Hopefully, the above information will be helpful for you.

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