Dhaka to Rangpur Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2020

Dhaka to Rangpur Train Schedule With Ticket Price 2021

The Dhaka to Rangpur railway route came to service a few years ago. Every day, more than thousands of peoples need to travel Rangpur due to various official and non-official works. The distance between the two cities was pretty high, and the bus was the only medium of transportation. After the new government of Bangladesh comes to action, they build the railway station so that people can travel faster without paying a lot of money.

If you are searching for the Dhaka to Rangpur Train schedule, then you are in the right place. Today we will give you the train schedule along with the train ticket price as well as the other information about the train of the railway station. So, keep reading this article.

Dhaka to Rangpur Train Schedule

Dhaka to Rangpur Train Schedule 2021

As Dhaka to Rangpur Train station is a new addition in the railway service of Bangladesh, there has not been a lot of trains. Currently, there is only one train which operates the service on this route. The name of the train is Rangpur Express. It is the only train in the direction, and it still provides you a luxurious experience. It runs after the train number 771 and 772 in reverse.

The Rangpur Express train operates its service all over the week except Sunday. The train departs from Dhaka at 9.00am in the morning from the Komolapur station. It reaches the Rangpur station at 7 pm in the afternoon. It takes approx. 9 hours to reach the destination point. In reverse, the train leaves Rangpur station at 8 pm and reaches the destination point Dhaka at 6 am.

Rangpur Express Train RouteTrain NumberDepartureArrival
Dhaka to Rangpur7719.00 AM7.00 PM
Rangpur to Dhaka7728.00 PM6.05 AM

Dhaka to Rangpur Train Ticket Price

There are different types of the seat on the Rangpur Express train. The seats include Shovon, SHovon chair, first-class, first-class berth, Snigdha, ac seat, ac berth, etc. The price of the fare varies depending on the seats. The price range of the ticket is from 420 to 1510 BDT. Below, we have given you the specific price of the ticket depending on the seats:

  • Shovon: 420 BDT
  • Shovon Chair: 505 BDT
  • First Class: 675 BDT
  • First Class Berth: 1010 BDT
  • Snigdha: 840 BDT
  • AC seat: 1010 BDT
  • AC Berth: 1510 BDT

Dhaka to Rangpur Train Substation

One exciting thing about the Dhaka to Rangpur Train is they stop in a lot of stations while going to Rangpur. As a result, if you live in the nearby areas of Rangpur, then you can also visit there quickly with the train. The substation of the train includes Biman Bondor Station, BB setu, Chatmohor, Santahar, Nator, Bogura, Bonar Para, Bamandanga, Gaibandha, Pirgacha, and Kaunia.

Rangpur Express Stoppages Station:

Dhaka to RangpurDeparture TimeRangpur to DhakaDeparture Time
Biman Bondor Station9.32Kaunia20.40
BB Setu11.37Pirgacha20.58
Santahar15.05Bonar Para22.21
Bogura15.45Bonar Para23.08
Bonar Para16.36Santahar23.55
Pirgacha17.57BB Setu5.27
Kaunia18.35Biman Bondor Station6.15

Where to Buy Tickets?

There are multiple ways to buy the ticket of the Rangpur Express train. You can buy the ticket in the traditional style from the railway station ticket-selling booths. However, the best way to buy the ticket is on the internet. You can buy the ticket from the comfort of your home just by visiting the official website or the mobile application of the railway service of Bangladesh government. You can also buy tbe] ticket from some of the mobile operators via SMS.

Luggage Facilities of Dhaka to Rangpur Trains

You can carry up to a specific amount of weight without any fees ]in this train. An AC passenger can carry up to 56 kg of luggage free when the first-class passengers can 37.5kg, and comfortable class passengers can 28kg. Second class passengers can carry up to 23kg of weights. For additional loads, you may need to pay an amount.

The distance between Dhaka and Rangpur is very long. As a result, you need to choose the perfect way of traveling for a comfortable and decent ride. The Dhaka to Rangpur Train Service can be the right choice for you to move in this route.

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