Dhaka to Narsingdi and Bhairab Train Schedule with Ticket Price

Dhaka to Narsingdi/Bhairab Train Schedule with Ticket Price

Everyone has their very own reasons to travel.  Some people travel for work, some travel for pleasure while for others travel to meet the relatives, it is just a way of life. Whatever might be the reason to travel, here in Bangladesh train is considered to be the safest and most popular vehicle to go for. Considering it is affordable, efficient and safe at the same time. There are different types of trains at your service. You can choose your train type according to your time schedule and demand. They have a variation in their customer service as well.

The government has been taking many levels of steps to make it more popular to people by increasing its passenger service, efficiency, and punctuality.

Dhaka to Narsingdi train schedule & Dhaka to Bhairab train schedule

Reasons to choose the Train from Dhaka to Narsingdi/Bhairab

Narsingdi is one of the nearest districts from Dhaka. The distance between Dhaka to Narsingdi is about 75 kilometers. Though the distance is not that much, the main problem is traffic in our road that kills the most of our time.

In general, if you choose to go by road it will take more or less 2 to 3.30 hours without traffic issues whereas train will take only 1.30 hour to reach.

Eventually, in this artifact, we will try to provide you the basic information about train travel like train ticket price, time schedule, off days to make your travel a lot easier for Dhaka to Narsingdi route. The schedule is given below:

Dhaka to Narsingdi train schedule and Dhaka to Bhairab train schedule 2020

Don’t fare to see the list chat because this chat is given according to the Dhaka to Narsingdi and Narsingdi to Bhairab train schedule. This is one of the busiest train routes in Bangladesh. There are so may train gives a break, so it’s quite tough to find the particular train. To make easy to find here we furnish the schedule according to mail and intercity train schedule. Here is the list of the train and the train schedule.

Intercity TrainsMail/Express Trains
Turna ExpressSurma mail
Upaban ExpressNoakhali Express
Mahanagar ExpressTitas Computer
Egarosindhur ExpressComilla Computer
Kishoreganj ExpressChattala Computer
Mahanagar ProvatiIsha Khan Express
Egarosindhur ProvatiKarnafuli Express
Parabat Express

Dhaka to Narsingdi and Bhairab Intercity Train schedule

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
709Parabat ExpressTuesday06.40 AMDhaka08.25 AMBhairab
741Turna ExpressNo11.30 PMDhaka01.20 AMBhairab
739Upaban ExpressWednesday09.50 PMDhaka11.45 PMBhairab
722Mahanagar ExpressSunday09.00 PMDhaka10.15 PMNarsingdi
781Kishoregonj ExpressFriday10.20 AMDhaka12.18 PMNarsingdi
704Mahanagor ProvatiNo07.40 AMDhaka09.21 AMBhairab
737Egarosindhur ProvatiWednesday07.00 AMDhaka08.15 AMNarsingdi
749Egarosindhur GodhuliNo06.30 PMDhaka07.50 PMNarsingdi

Dhaka to Narsingdi and Bhairab Mail Train Schedule

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
10Surma MailNo10.50 PMDhaka01.20 AMNarsingdhi
2Chattagong MailNo10.30 PMDhaka12.09 AMNarsingdhi
11Noakhali ExpressNo10.10 PMDhaka11.57 PMBhairab
36Titas ComputerNo05.40 PMDhaka07.18 PMNarsingdhi
90Comilla ComputerNo01.30 PMDhaka02.50 PMNarsingdhi
68Chattala ExpressNo01.00 PMDhaka02.52 PMBhairab
39Isha Khan ExpressNo11.35 AMDhaka02.27 PMNarsingdhi
4Karnafuli ExpressNo08.30 AMDhaka10.25 AMNarsingdhi

Narsingdi/Bhairab to Dhaka intercity train schedule

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
709Parabat ExpressTuesday10.07 PMBhairab11.55 PMDhaka
741Turna ExpressNo03.43 AMBhairab05.25 AMDhaka
739Upaban ExpressWednesday03.03 AMBhairab05.10 AMDhaka
722Mahanagar ExpressSunday05.34 PMNarsingdi07.00 PMDhaka
781Kishoregonj ExpressFriday04.20 PMNarsingdi06.30 PMDhaka
703Mahanagor GodhuliNo07.31 PMBhairab09.10 PMDhaka
737Egarosindhur ProvatiWednesday09.10 AMNarsingdi10.40 AMDhaka

Narsingdi to Dhaka intercity Train schedule & Bhairab to Dhaka Mail train schedule

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
10Surma MailNo06.25 AMNarsingdi09.15 AMDhaka
1Dhaka MailNo05.07 AMNarsingdi06.55 AMDhaka
11Dhaka ExpressNo03.05 AMNarsingdi06.40 AMDhaka
36Titas ComputerNo05.57 AMBhairab08.30 AMDhaka
90Comilla ComputerNo10.00 AMNarsingdi12.50 PMDhaka
68Chattala ExpressNo01.35 PMBhairab03.35 PMDhaka
39Isha Khan ExpressNo07.12 PMNarsingdi11.00 PMDhaka
4Karnafuli ExpressNo05.47 PMNarsingdi07.45 PMDhaka

Dhaka to Narsingdi, Bhairab Ticket Booking and Ticket Price

If you are interested in travel Dhaka to Narsingdi by train, at first you need to buy a train ticket from the nearest railway station. Also, you can collect the ticket from online or mobile operators. Bangladesh government has given us this easier solution to book train tickets from the government website of a railway.

Before traveling by train, you will need to collect an advance ticket for the inner city train, but no need to collect an advance ticket for mail train.

In below, the ticket price for different class seats of Bangladesh railway is given for Dhaka to Narsingdi:

Train Seat classPrice
AC BerthTk 236
AC SeatTk 156
Snigdha ChairTk 133
First BerthTk 135
Shovon ChairTk 70
First ChairTk 90
ShovonTk 60
SulovTk 35
Commuter trainTk 30

Hopefully, the information about the Dhaka to Narsingdi Train route will be helpful for you. We wish you a grand journey!

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