Dhaka to Mymensingh Train Schedule with Ticket Price 2020

Dhaka to Mymensingh Train Schedule with Ticket Price 2020

Mymensingh, the graceful division of Bangladesh stands on the mighty Brahmaputra is mostly known for it’s densely populated and charming views of historical interest and diverse educational institutions. Being next to Indian state Himalaya it remains much cooler than capital Dhaka.

There are many tourists spot along with quality food and services, cultural and traditional interest, Royal places and many more. For this reason mostly all over the year tourists travel here with family, kids, friends, and relatives. Most of them are nearly citizens but a growing number of foreign tourists are discovering this beautiful place as well. Usually, travelers mostly choose trains for their journey.

So we are here to give you the information about Dhaka to Mymensingh train schedule, ticket price and another information what you need.

Dhaka to Mymensingh Train schedule

Dhaka to Mymensingh Train schedules and Ticket prices

The route between Dhaka and Mymensingh is one of the busiest routes due to its huge number of travelers. The average travel time between Dhaka and Mymensingh is 3h57 minutes. The quickest route is 3h20 minutes.

The first train leaving Dhaka is at 07:20 that is intercity Train and another one is mail train which leaves at 3:02 from Kamalapur Railway Station. There are weekly off for few trains among all six intercity train and others mail or public trains. But remain trains are still on for your service. The train schedule is given below for your better understanding:


There are six intercity trains with details  at your service which travel Dhaka to Mymensingh:

Train No.Train NameOff dayDeparture
777Hawr ExpressWednesday11.50 PM
707Tista ExpressMonday07.20 AM
789Mohongonj ExpressMonday04.20 PM
735AghnibinaNo09.40 AM
745Jamuna ExpressNo04.40 PM
743Brahmaputra ExpressNo06.00 PM

Tista Express:

The most important thing about this train, this service is not available on Monday. It starts it first journey at 7:20 am from Kamalapur railway station and arrives Dewanganj Bazar in Mymensingh. If you missed it anyways you can also board on this train from Biman Bandar Station after 20/30 minutes later of its departure from Kamalapur Station.

Brahmaputra Express:

You will happy to get to know there is no off day for this train and its departure time from Dhaka is 6:00 PM and usually it arrives at 9:30 PM to its destination.

Jamuna Express:

This is also available all the days of a week and starts at 4.40 PM from Kamalapur Station; you can also board from Biman Banda Station. Its arrival time is 8:00 PM to the west part of Mymensingh.

Hawr Express:

You have to avoid this train on Wednesday.  It leaves Dhaka at 11.50 PM and arrives at Mohonganj at 3:30 AM.

Aghnibina Express:

This train is also available all day on a week. The departure time of this train is 9:40 AM and it arrives its destination at 12:30.

Mohongonj Express:

The last but fastest intercity train from Dhaka to Mymensingh is Mohonganj Express. Leaves Dhaka at 4:20 PM and arrives its destination Mohonganj at 5:30 PM.


There is another six mail train’s from Dhaka to Mymensingh. Though the quality of this train is quite low but you can travel by it if you missed the intercity services.

Train NoTrain NameOff dayDepartureArrival
52Jamalpur ComputerNo03.40 PM06.15 PM
48Dewangonj ComputerNo05.40 AM11.45 AM
50Bolaka ComputerNo10.30 AM02.10 PM
44Mohua ExpressNo08.10 AM02.50 PM
40Ishakhan ExpressNo11.30 AM9.45 PM
56Vawal ExpressNo09.00 PM05.40 AM

Dewanganj Commuter:

The last destination of this train is Dewanganj. It’s a commuter train, so it takes so long to arrives its destination. Starts at 5:40 AM and arrives at 11:45 AM.

Jamalpur Commuter:

It’s also a commuter train and its last destination is Dewanganj Bazar too. Leaves Dhaka at 3:40 PM and reaches at 6:15 PM at Dewanganj.

Bolaka Commuter:

It is available on every day in a week. Starts journey at 10:30 AM and arrives Mymensingh at 2:10 PM.

Isha Khan Express:

In a nutshell, it’s extreme slow train service and board from Dhaka at 11:30 AM and arrives at 9:45 PM to Mymensingh.

Mohua Express:

Mohonganj is its last destination. It leaves Dhaka at 8:10 AM and arrives at 2.50 PM.

Vawal Express:

The last mails train that leaves Dhaka for Dewanganj Bazar, Mymensingh. It starts at 9:00 PM and arrives at 5:40 AM.

Mymensingh to Dhaka train schedule:

Already I have given you keen information about train services and how much it could take time to reach. All the trains which are available from Dhaka to Mymensingh also runs for Mymensing to Dhaka. Here is a short overview of the schedules of intercity trains and mail trains.

Dhaka to Mymensingh Intercity Trains

Train NO Train Name DepartureArrive
707Tista Express7.20 AM10.35 AM
743Brahmaputra Express6.00 PM9.30 PM
745Jamuna Express4.40 PM8.00 PM
777Hawr Express11.50 PM3.50 AM
735Aghnibina Express9.40 AM12.37 PM
789Mohongonj Express4.20 PM5.20 PM

Dhaka to Mymensingh Mail Trains

Train NO Train Name DepartureArrive
48Dewangonj Commuter5.40 AM11.45 AM
52Jamalpur Commuter3.40 PM6.15 PM
50Bolaka Commuter10.30 AM2.10 PM
40Ishakhan Express11.30 AM9.45 PM i
44Mohua Express8.10 AM2.50 PM
56Vawal Express9.00 PM5.40 AM

Dhaka to Mymensingh train ticket price:

From Dhaka to Mymensingh and from Mymensingh to Dhaka ticket prices are similar. Intercity train tickets should be collected in advance that starts from 10 days before the date of journey.  VAT is applicable for air conditioning seats.  Here is the detail of train tickets.

Ticket Class Ticket Price
2nd Class General  35 BDT
2nd Class Mail   45 BDT
Commuter  55 BDT
Sulov65 BDT
Shovon  110 BDT
Shovon Chair  130 BDT
First Class Chair  175 BDT
1st Birth  260 BDT
Snigdha  248 BDT
AC Seat  299 BDT
AC Birth  443 BDT

Gafargaon to Dhaka train schedule:

Tista Express starts from Gafargaon at 5:49 pm & reaches Dhaka at 8:10 pm. Aghnibina Express starts from Gafargaon at 8:12 pm & reaches Dhaka at 10:35 pm. Brahmaputra Express starts from Gafargaon at 10:08 am & reaches Dhaka at 12:30 pm which is a morning intercity train. Jamuna Express starts from Gafargaon at 5:23 am & reaches Dhaka at 7:40 am. There are a good number of Commuter trains from Gafargaon to Dhaka.

Mymensingh to Chittagong Train Ticket Price:

Bijoy express starts from Mymensingh at 8.00 pm & reaches to Chittagong railway station at 5.30 am except on Tuesday. Each ticket costs Tk.

Railway and roadway are the main sources to travel here.  If you want to travel this route by train my suggestion will be the intercity trains for better and safe journey. Mail trains usually been overpopulated and could make a hazard to your happy travel.

I have tried to provide you with detail information about Dhaka and Mymensingh train route along with prices and schedules. The train fares are taken from Bangladesh Railway service website.  Sometimes time and prices have been changed according to authority’s decisions.

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