Dhaka to Kushtia Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Dhaka to Kushtia Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Kushtia is situated in the west part of Bangladesh. The city is famous for various cultural and historically significant. Every day, thousands of people travel from Dhaka to Kushtia for a lot of reasons, including business, study, and others. There is two medium for traveling kushtia. They include the bus and train. The bus road between Dhaka to Kushtia is not in good condition. That is why a lot of indvidual choose the train to travel the city with proper comfort. 

Are you planning to visit Kushtia through train in future? Then you are in the right place. Today, we will provide you the correct information about Dhaka to Kushtia rail service. You will get information about Dhaka to kushtia train schedule along with train price and other facilities.

Dhaka to Kushtia Train Schedule 2021

Dhaka to Kushtia Train Schedule with Train List

There are only a few trains in Dhaka to Kushtia route. Actually, there are two trains which travel from Dhaka to Khulna and also stop at Kushita Station. Both of them are the intercity train. The train includes Sundarban Express and Chitra Express. Below, we will provide you detailed information about the trains.

Intercity Trains From Poradha : 

Train NoNameOff DayFromDepartureToArrival
715Kapotaksha ExpressSaturdayPoradha9:48Rajshahi12:20
716Kapotaksha ExpressSaturdayPoradha16:28Khulna20:00
725Sundarban ExpressTuesdayPoradha23:40Dhaka5:40
726Sundarban ExpressWednesdayPoradha12:14Khulna15:40
727Rupsha ExpressThursdayPoradha10:24Chilahati17:00
728Rupsha ExpressThursdayPoradha14:20Khulna17:40
747Simanta ExpressNoPoradha0:22Chilahati6:20
748Simanta ExpressNoPoradha0:52Khulna4:15
755Madhumati ExpressThursdayPoradha17:50Rajshahi20:25
756Madhumati ExpressThursdayPoradha9:55Goaland Ghat12:20
761Sagordari ExpressMondayPoradha19:03Rajshahi21:40
762Sagordari ExpressMondayPoradha8:53Khulna12:45
763Chitra ExpressMondayPoradha11:58Dhaka17:40
764Chitra ExpressMondayPoradha0:28Khulna3:50

Mail/Express Trains From Poradha:

Train NoNameOff DayFromDepartureToArrival
15Mohananda ExpressNoPoradha16:24ChapaiNawabgonj21:40
16Mohananda ExpressNoPoradha10:47Khulna16:40
23Rocket ExpressNoPoradha15:10Parbatipur22:00
24Rocket ExpressNoPoradha19:02Khulna43:45:00
25Nakshikantha ExpressNoPoradha7:10Goalanda Ghat11:00
26Nakshikantha ExpressNoPoradha16:45Khulna22:00

Sundarban Express

The Sundarban Express is one of the oldest trains in Dhaka to Kushtia route. It operates the service six days of the week. It also runs on a reverse from Kushtia to Dhaka station. Wednesday is the weekly holiday for the train when Tuesday is the holiday on the reverse station.

Sundarbans Express leaves the departure station Dhaka at 6.20am. According to the railway service, the train takes around 10 hours to reach the destination point. It reaches destination point Kushtia Poradaha station at 12.18pm. Then it leaves for Khulna. From Khulna, the train starts the journey from 20.30pm except all day. It reaches Dhaka at 8.30 am.

Dhaka To Khulna Schedule

Name Of TrainOffdayDeparture TimeArrival
Sundarban expressWednesday06:20 am04:20 pm
Chittra ExpressMonday07:00 pm05:10 am

Chitra Express

Chitra Express is a new addition in the Dhaka to Kushtia route. The train has come to service in 2009, and it is one of the gorgeous trains in this route. It has a lot of facilities and offers a luxurious ride to travelers. The train starts the journey from Dhaka Komolapur railway station at 7.00 pm and reaches the destination point Kushtia Poradaha station at 12.18pm.

It starts for Dhaka at 11.58pm from Kushtia Poradah station and reaches the destination point at 17.40. The exciting thing about the train is it doesn’t have any Shovon seats. Seats start from Shovon Chair. It has a prayer hall, food corner, luggage facilities, and impressive facilities to ensure a comfortable ride. 

Khulna To Dhaka Schedule

Name Of TrainOffdayDeparture TimeArrival Time
Chittra ExpressMonday08:30 am06:20 pm
Sundarban ExpressTuesday08:30 pm6:40 am

Dhaka to Kushtia Train Ticket Price

The train ticket price of Dhaka to Kushtia varies on seats. However, both of the trains have the same ticket price depending on the seats. Below, we will provide you the cost of the ticket. 

  • Shovon Class: 300 BDT
  • Shovon Chair: 360 BDT
  • 1st Class: 480 BDT
  • 1st Berth: 720 BDT
  • Snigdha: 600 BDT
  • AC Seat: 720 BDT
  • AC Berth: 1080 BDT

Where to Buy Ticket?

There are multiple ways to buy the ticket for trains in Bangladesh. You can buy the ticket from the railway ticket selling booth. You can buy the ticket both from Kushtia and Dhaka station. Besides, you can purchase tickets online just by visiting the railway service website or from their smartphone application. In some mobile operators, you can also buy the ticket by SMS. 

The distance between Dhaka to Kushtia is around 366 kilometers. It is a long way, and it takes a lot of time to travel such a distance through the bus. Besides, there are no air services between Dhaka to Kushtia. That is why the train will be the best choice to travel on this route. We wish you enjoy our Dhaka to Kushtia Train Schedule. Best of luck and safe journey.

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