Maitree Express Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2020

Maitree Express Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2020

Every year, thousands of people travel India for multiple purposes including shopping, education, health, and medical. Especially, people visit Kalkata mostly as in this certain part of India, the language and culture are totally same. There are three ways of visiting the city Kalkata, including bus, train, and air. Amongst those, the train is considered as the best way as it is cheap and less time-consuming. 

Recently Bangladesh and India government has added the Maitree express train as the signature of friendship between two countries. Are you looking for the Maitree Express Train Schedule Dhaka to Kalkata? Then keep reading this piece of writing. Below, we will discuss different information, including the train schedule of the train.

Maitree Express Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule – Dhaka to Kolkata Train

The Maitree Express operates its service four days of the week. In the open days, the train leaves Dhaka at 8.10 am, and from Kalkata, it departs at 7.10 am. Below, we will provide you the train schedule.

FromDepartureArrivalRuning DaysStart at
Dhaka08:10 am (bd time)04:00 pm (india time)Mon Tues & ThursdayDhaka Cantt
Kolkata07:10 am (india time)04:05 pm (bd time)Wed Thus & FridayChittapur station

Dhaka to Kalkata

Running days: Friday, Monday, Wednesday

Departure time: 8.10 am. (Bangladeshi Time)

Arrival Time: 4.00 pm. (Indian Time)

Off Days: Monday, Tuesday, Friday

Kalkata to Dhaka

Running days: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday

Departure time: 7.10 am. (Indian Time)

Arrival Time: 4.05 pm. (Bangladeshi Time)

Off Days: Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday

The train starts its journey from the Dhaka Railway station and stops at its final destination Chittapur station of Kalkata. It usually takes around 8 hours to reach the destination from the stations. Currently, the train service offers the journey for three days of the week. However, in the future, the train may extend the operating days.

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Ticket price

The ticket price of the train express varies depending on the seat and the traveler. There are three types of the seat at Maitree express, including AC first/Cabin, AC Chair Car and Non AC Chair Car. Amongst them, the AC First class cabin will cost you USD 20 along with 15% VAT and 540 BDT travel charge. In taka, you will need to pay 2500 BDT for this seat. Besides, AC chair will cost you 12 USD along with 15% VAT and 540 BDT travel tax which is 1770 BDT in Bangladeshi Taka. The fare for Non-AC Chair Car is USD 8 along with same VAT and Tax charge.

1. AC first/Cabin: 20 USD + with 15% VAT and 540 BDT travel charge which 2500 BDT

Total BDT= 2500 BDT

2. AC Chair : 12 USD + 15% VAT and 540 BDT travel tax which is 1770 BDT

Total BDT= 1770 BDT

3. Non AC Chair: USD 8 along with same VAT and Tax charge.

The fare mentioned above is for adult travelers. For children under five years, there is a 50% discount for all class of travel. The ticket of the Maitree Express train is only available at Komalapur railway station alone. One thing you need to remember is you should go for buying the ticket before five or six days. You may not get the ticket in quick order as the train service is the first choice of the customers. Tickets are available before thirty days of the journey.

Essential Tips for Maitree Express Train Travelers

As the Maitree Express needs to cross the international border, you must require a passport and visa for traveling through the train. You will need to have a ready passport, and then you will need to apply for the visa from the Indian visa centers. So, before going to buy the ticket, make sure you are assured about these things.

Each individual can take up to 30kg of luggage while the limit is 20kg for the kids. You will need to pay extra dollars for additional luggage weights.


While visiting abroad, you have to interact gently and honestly as you are representing your country. Hopefully, the article on Maitree Express Train Schedule Dhaka to Kalkata will be helpful for you.

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