Dhaka to Kolkata Shyamoli Bus Ticket Price 2020

Dhaka to Kolkata Shyamoli Bus Ticket Price

Dhaka and Kolkata, though to cities are situated in the two countries, people of two cities are connected as the language and culture is totally the same. Every day, thousands of people visit Kolkata from Dhaka for different reasons, including business, health service, shopping, and visiting relatives. Visiting Kolkata is more comfortable now as the government of Bangladesh makes it easier for the people to get the visa.

A few years ago, the air was the primary way to travel Dhaka to Kolkata. But thanks to the government, who has made it easier to go by adding bus and train in this route. You can easily travel from Dhaka to Kolkata using Shyamoli buses. Today we will provide you Dhaka to Kolkata Shyamoli bus ticket price. So keep reading this article.

Dhaka to Kolkata Shyamoli Bus Ticket Price

Dhaka to Kolkata Shyamoli Bus Schedule and Ticket Price

Dhaka to Kolkata is a long route. As a result, you must choose your travel mate bus correctly to enjoy a comfortable journey. The Shyamoli bus is one of the best bus services in Dhaka to Kolkata route. They use original RM2 and Volvo air-conditioned Buses in this route for the comfort of the customers. The Shyamoli buses depart from Dhaka at 11 am every day. It takes around 17 hours along with the custom checking to reach Kolkata.

As like as the other buses on this route, the Shyamoli will also drop you near the new market of the Kolkata city. The Shyamoli buses enter India from Benapol port from Bangladesh and Haridaspur port from the India end. In both ports, you need to go through a customs check. You can also leave the bus at the salt lake or barasat.

Dhaka to Kolkata Shyamoli Bus Ticket Price

The Bus ticket price of Dhaka to Kolkata bus service is 1400 BDT. The bus includes 40 seats, and the ticket price is the same for all the seats. Friday is the weekly holiday for the bus service. You need to reserve the ticket at least three days before the journey. You will not require any passport photocopy to buy the ticket. However, you will require the passport number. You can also book the return ticket. If you need to return the booked ticket, then it will cost you a 10% penalty of the ticket price.

Dhaka to Kolkata Shyamoli Bus Important Information

Here is some important information about the Shyamoli Paribahan that you need to know before traveling.

  1. You will require a valid passport and visa to buy a ticket and travel in through the bus on this route.
  2. You will need to pay the amount of travel tax. You will need to pay it on a specific branch of Sonali Bank.
  3. The bus stops 20 minutes at Magura as a break.
  4. You can buy snacks on the bus. However, smoking is strictly prohibited while you are on the bus.
  5. You can carry up to 20 kilos of luggage while traveling with Shyamoli on Dhaka to Kolkata route.
  6. For the extra weight of the luggage, you need to pay 30tk for per kilograms.
  7. Your luggage will be checked at Dhaka. In case of luggage lose, Shyamoli Paribahan will provide you backup.
  8. There will be two armored Ansar member on the bus for providing security to the customers. 

The Dhaka office of the Shyamoli Paribahan is at the inner circular road, Dhaka. You can contact them for any queries or buying the ticket. Shyamoli Paribahan also allows you to buy the ticket online. 

Shyamoli Paribahan can be a great medium to travel Kolkata from Dhaka. Hopefully, the above information about Shyamoli Paribahan will be helpful for you.

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