Dhaka to Khulna Bus Ticket Price in 2020

Dhaka to Khulna Bus Ticket Price in 2021

There can be a lot of reasons behind traveling to Khulna. However, most of the people go there to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of Sundarban. Sundarban is the world’s biggest mangrove forest which accommodates thousands of different species of trees and animals. Every year, thousands of local and foreigner tourists visit this place to enjoy such amazing natural beauties. 

There are multiple ways to visit from Dhaka to Khulna. However, the bus is the most commonly used transport for traveling through this route. There are different bus services that operate journeys on this route. Keep reading this article to know about Dhaka to Khulna Bus Ticket Price.

Dhaka to Khulna Bus Ticket Price in 2021

Dhaka to Khulna Bus List

As we say, there are multiple buses in Dhaka to Khulna bus route. The bus services include both AC and AC buses from different passenger bus Service Company.

Non AC Bus:

  • Shohagh Poribahan
  • Sheba Green Line
  • Falguni Paribahan
  • Sundarban Classic Paribahan
  • AK Travels
  • Porjotok Paribahan
  • Mohona Paribahan
  • Bepari Paribahan
  • Tungi Para Express
  • GreenLine Paribahan
  • Bonoful Transport
  • Kanak Paribahan

AC Buses:

  • Shohagh Paribahan
  • Green Line Bus Services
  • Falguni Paribahan
  • Tungi Para Express

Dhaka to Khulna Bus Ticket Price

The Dhaka to Khulna Bus ticket price varies depending on the bus services. Depending on the vehicle types and offered services, the ticket price can change at a vast scale. Below, we provided the Dhaka to Khulna bus ticket fare:

Non AC Bus Ticket Price:

  • Shohagh Poribahan – 615 BDT
  • Sheba Green Line – 400 BDT
  • Falguni Paribahan – 400 BDT
  • Sundarban Classic Paribahan – 400 BDT
  • AK Travels – 400 BDT
  • Porjotok Paribahan – 400 BDT
  • Mohona Paribahan – 400 BDT
  • Bepari Paribahan – 400 BDT
  • Tungi Para Express – 450 BDT
  • GreenLine Paribahan – 400 BDT
  • Bonoful Transport  – 400 BDT
  • Kanak Paribahan – 400 BDT

AC Buses:

  • Shohagh Paribahan – 1300 BDT
  • Green Line Bus Services – 800/1100 BDT
  • Falguni Paribahan – 700/600 BDT
  • Tungi Para Express – 550 BDT
Shohag Paribahan615 Tk.1300 Tk.
Sheba Green Line400 Tk.
Falguni Paribahan400 Tk.600 Tk - 700 Tk,
AK Travels400 Tk.
Sundarban Classic400 Tk.
Porjotok Paribahan400 Tk.
Mohona Paribahan400 Tk.
Bepari Paribahan400 Tk.
Tungipara Express450 Tk.550 Tk.
Green line Paribahan400 Tk.800 Tk - 1100 Tk.
Konok Paribahan400 Tk.
Bonoful Paribahan400 Tk.

Where to Buy Tickets?

You can use different ways to buy the ticket for Dhaka to Khulna buses. Firstly, you can buy the ticket from the bus counters. There are individual counters in the different part of the Dhaka city, depending on the service provider. You can also buy the ticket easily from the comfort of your home from Shohoz.com Some bus services also allow buy the ticket from their official website.

Other Ways of Travelling Dhaka To Khulna

Apart from buses, you can travel to Khulna using train and air. There is multiple train service in this route operates the passengers regularly. Air service is also available. You can reach Khulna from Dhaka at the shortest time possible if you visit through the air. Multiple private airways also operate services on this route. However, air services are very costly when compared with the other medium.

Places to Visit While at Khulna

The must-visit site while you go Khulna is the Sundarban. However, for visiting Sundarban, you must need the acceptance of the authority and a professional tour guide. Apart from visiting Sundarban, you can visit the beautiful Khan Jahan Ali Bridge, Shahid Hadis city park, Khulna Divisional Museum, the historical mosque of Khan Jahan Ali. These places will help you get a better knowledge of the city. You can also stay at Khulna if you want. There are multiple hotels in the town near the tourist areas. 

Khulna is one of the most popular tourist directions of many people due to the beautiful natural view it offers as well as for its historical importance. We hope that our above information will help you to get a better idea of Dhaka to Khulna Bus Ticket Price and other information. You may also interest our Recent post, dhaka to chittagong bus ticket price

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