Dhaka to Jessore Flight Price and Schedule in 2020

Dhaka to Jessore Flight Price and Schedule in 2021

The distance between Dhaka to Jessore is not that much. But it takes long hours to reach from Dhaka to Jessore due to road issues.  Usually, it takes six hours to nine hours to reach your destination. If you want to travel to Jessore within the shortest time possible, then airway will be the best choice for you. You can enter your destination point within forty-five minutes to one hour. Moreover, you can also enjoy a luxurious tour too. 

If you are searching for Dhaka to Jessore information, then keep reading this article. We will provide you all the required information including Dhaka to Jessore Flight Price in below. So, continue reading this article.

Dhaka to Jessore Flight Price and Schedule in 2021

Dhaka to Jessore Flight Price

There are multiple airways which operate their service in this route. The airways include government-operated Bangladesh Biman as well as privately owned US Bangla Airline, Novoair, Regent Airline, etc. and others. The price of the flight ticket change depending on the airway you choose. Below we provided you ticket fare of some of the provider:

Biman Bangladesh Airline: 2900 BDT

 US Bangla Airline: 2,699 BDT

Novoair Air Service: 2,700 BDT

Regeant Airways: 3998 BDT

Not that the price mentioned above of the airline ticket can change anytime if the company depend on different things, including air traffic, weather, etc.

Dhaka to Jessore Flight Schedule

As we say, there are multiple airlines in the route; more than ten flights leave Dhaka for Jessore every day. Below, we provided you flight schedule of different airways:

7:30 am 8:10 am US-Bangla Airlines 121
7:30 am 8:15 am Biman Bangladesh 465
7:45 am 8:25 am Novoair Air Service 941
9:40 am 10:20 am US-Bangla Airlines 123
10:00 am 10:40 am Novoair Air Service 943
12:30 pm 1:10 pm Novoair Air Service 945
1:10 pm 1:55 pm Biman Bangladesh 465
4:30 pm 5:10 pm Novoair Air Service 947
5:40 pm 6:20 pm US-Bangla Airlines 127
6:00 pm 6:40 pm Novoair Air Service 949
6:15 pm 7:00 pm Biman Bangladesh 467
6:40 pm 7:20 pm US-Bangla Airlines 129

Where to Buy Dhaka to Jessore Air Tickets?

The most usual way of buying Dhaka to Jessore air ticket is from the website of the air service provider. All the air service providers allow you to buy the ticket from their website as well as pay the price online. On the other hand, you can also purchase the ticket from different websites which offer ticket purchasing. One exciting thing about these websites is you may get a discount often in there.

How much time does it take to reach Dhaka to Jessore?

While traveling through the airways, it doesn’t take a lot of time to reach Jessore from Dhaka. That is mainly because of the higher speed of the aircraft as well as for the shorter aerial distance of Dhaka to Jessore route. The flying distance between Dhaka to Jessore route is around 142 kilometers which are approximately 60 kilometers shorter than the bus route. Averagely, it takes only 40 minutes to reach from Dhaka to Jessore. Depending on the air traffic and weather, the time may become shorter or higher.

Due to the road issues and massive traffic in Daulatdia Ferry Terminal, it is very time-consuming to reach Jessore from Dhaka. So, if you are in an emergency or want to save your time, you can choose the Dhaka to Jessore airway. You can arrive at your destination within the shortest time in this way. Hopefully, the above information about the Dhaka to Jessore Air route and flight price will be helpful for you.

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