Dhaka to Cox's Bazar Air Ticket Price ( Update 2021 )

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price with (2021 Update Information)

Cox’s Bazar is a very popular tourist destination in Bangladesh. Every year thousands of local and foreigner visit this city to enjoy the beautiful view of Cox’s Bazar sea beach, which is the biggest sea beach in the world. People also visit Saint Martin Island, himchury waterfall, Sonadia Island, other places. Usually, the bus is the only medium for visiting Cox’s Bazar. However, the best way to visit Cox’s Bazar is air if you want to save your time and enjoy a luxurious tour.

If you are searching for Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price, then search no further. Today, we will provide you all the essential information about this route along with the air ticket price. So, keep reading this article.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price in 2020

There are multiple local airline companies that operate their service in this route all over the weeks. As the ticket price of the airline changes depending on the journey date and other things, we cannot give you an exact price list. However, the costs of the air ticket change between 2000 to 4000 BDT. There are multiple airlines in this route, including Bangladesh Biman, Regent Airways, US Bangla Airline, and Novoair.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Schedule

The Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Schedule also changes like the price depending on different things, including flight date, air traffic, weather, and other internal issues. Currently, the local airlines of Bangladesh operate the journey in mentioned times:

Novo Air

Departure Time: 08:15am, 10: 00am, 11:05am, 13:15pm, 09:45pm, 11:30pm, 14:45am, 16:30am from Dhaka airport

US-Bangla Airlines

Departure Time: 11:30am, 14:45pm, 13:00pm, 16:15pm from Dhaka airport

Biman Bangladesh Airlines:

Departure Time: 10:40 am, 12:15 pm from Dhaka airport

Regent Airways :

Departure Time: 10:30am, 13:50pm, 12:00am, 15:20am from Dhaka airport

It takes around one hour to go to the destination point at Cox’s Bazar Airport.

Where to buy Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket?

Usually, you can buy the ticket of Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar airways from the website of the airlines. You can choose the journey date, seat type, and other properties from the site. You can also pay using online payment services. Besides, you can buy a ticket from the agencies. There are a lot of agencies which offer you the tickets and process them for you. However, they will take some extra charges from you as a processing fee.

Places to visit at Cox’s Bazar

As we say, Cox’s Bazar is one of the most visited cities in the country. There are multiple places to go and explore. You can visit the different point of the sea beach including Inani beach, Laboni Beach, Saint Martin Island, Sonaidia Island, Kana Raja’s Cave, Radiant Fish World, Mermaid Beach Resort, and other places.

Where to stay at Cox’s Bazar?

Cox’s Bazar is known as the tourist capital of Bangladesh. As a result, there are a vast number of hotels, resorts, and motel available at the city. There are expensive high cost, five-star hotels as well as cheap affordable hotels too. The top hotels in Cox’s Bazar include Hotel Sea Crown, Hotel Sea Gull, Long Beach Hotel, Grace Cox Hotel, Hotel Cox Today, and much more. The resorts include Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, Mermaid Sea Beach, Prasad Paradise, Cox Beach Resort, Inani Royal Resort, and much more.

Cox’s Bazar is one incredible place in our Indian subcontinent. If you are thinking of travel to the site and want to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable journey, then you must choose the airway. Hopefully, the above information about the airways will be helpful for you.

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