Dhaka to Chittagong Bus Ticket Price with Bus list in 2020

Dhaka to Chittagong Bus Ticket Price in 2020

The Dhaka to Chittagong bus route connects two of the most important city of Bangladesh. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh when Chittagong is the central port city of the country. Every day thousands of people visit Dhaka to Chittagong for different purposes, including business, official works, etc. Every day, there is various transportation for this route, including air, bus, and train. However, most of the people travel by bus as it is always available and affordable. There is a good number of Bus Companies which operate their service in this route.

 If you are searching for Dhaka to Chittagong Bus Ticket Price and bus list, then you are in the right place. Today we will provide you all the decent information about Dhaka to Chittagong bus road.

Dhaka to Chittagong Bus Ticket Price

Dhaka to Chittagong Bus Ticket Price with Bus list

As we said, there are a number of buses in the Dhaka to Chittagong road. The coaches include both AC and Non-AC service. Below, we provided you the bus list of the way.

AC Bus Services

  • GreenLine Poribahan
  • Saintmartin Poribahan
  • Shohagh Poribahan Ltd.
  • Soudia Bus Service
  • Desh-Travels
  • Tuba-Line
  • Yellow-Line
  • Hanif Enterprise
  • Relax Transports
  • Aziz Travels
  • TR Travels
  • London Express

Non-AC Buses

  • Shyamoli Paribahan
  • Hanif Enterprise
  • Ena Transport
  • TR Travels
  • Unique Paribahan
  • S Alam Paribahan
  • Soudia paribahan
  • Tuba Line
  • Year 71 Express
  • Rajib Special
  • Shahi Service

Dhaka to Chittagong bus ticket price

The bus ticket price varies depending on the services. Below, we will provide you the ticket price.

Bus listAC Bus fareNon-AC Bus fare
Aziz Travels800 BDTN/A
Baghdad Express850-1100 BDTN/A
Desh Travels1250 BDTN/A
Eagle ParibahanN/A480 BDT
Ena Transport800 BDT480 BDT
Green Line1300 BDT/ 1000 BDT (Economy Class)N/A
Hanif Enterprise1250 BDT / 1000 BDT (Economy Class)480 BDT
London Express1250-1300BDTN/A
Rajib SpecialN/A450-600 BDT
Relex Transport1000 BDTN/A
S Alam ServiceN/A480 BDT
SaintMartin Paribahan1250 BDT / 850 BDT (Economy Class)N/A
Shahi ServiceN/A600 BDT
Shanti Paribahan700 BDTN/A
Shohagh Paribahan1250 BDT / 1050 BDT (Economy Class)N/A
Shyamoli Paribahan1200 BDT480 BDT
Silk Line1000 BDT480 BDT
Soudia Coach Service/ Paribahan1250 BDT480 BDT
TR Travels1250 BDT480 BDT
Tuba Line1250 BDT / 850 BDT (Economy Class)480 BDT
Unique ParibahanN/A480 BDT
Year 71900 BDT480 BDT

Saint Martin:

  • Economy Class 1000 BDT
  • Business Class 1250 to 1300 Taka

Ena Transport:

  • Business Class 800 Taka
  • Non Ac: 480 Taka

Desh Travels:

  • Economy Class 1000 Taka
  • Business Class 1250 Taka

London Express:

Business Class 1250 to 1300 Taka

Saint Martin Paribahan:

  • Economy Class 850 BDT
  • Business Class 1250 Taka

Tr Travels:

  • Business Class 1250 Taka
  • Non AC: 480 Taka

Saudia Paribahan:

  • Business Class 1250 Taka
  • Non Ac: 480 Taka

Silk Line:

  • Business Class 1000 Taka
  • Non Ac: 480 Taka

Shanti Paribahan:

Business Class 1000 Taka

Hanif Paribahan:

  • Economy Class 1000 BDT
  • Business Class 1250 Taka
  • Non Ac: 480 Taka

Tuba Line:

  • Economy Class 850 BDT
  • Business Class 1250 Taka
  • Non Ac: 480 Taka

Year 71:

Business Class 900 Taka

S Alam Non Ac:

480 Taka

Eagle Paribahan Non Ac:

480 Taka

Rajib Special Non AC:

480 Taka

Shahi Non Ac:

600 Taka

Where to Buy Ticket for Dhaka Chittagong Bus Road?

Usually, you will need to buy a ticket from the bus counter. The bus counters are situated at different places. So, you will need to have specific information about the bus station to buy the ticket. Some of the bus counters are in Panthapath, and some others are situated in Komolapur and Sayedabad area. You can also buy the ticket of some of the bus from online using Sohoz.com. However, only a few tickets are sold online, and the price of the ticket maybe a little bit higher than the usual price online.

Dhaka to Chittagong Route Information

The approximate distance between Dhaka to Chittagong is around 248.4 kilometers. The most impressive thing about the bus road is it is the first eight-lane high way of Bangladesh. The road has multiple bridges which are also made wide enough for faster travel. Previously it takes a lot of time up to 8 to 10 hours to reach Chittagong from Dhaka. But now with the wide road and bridges, you can reach Chittagong at less than 3 to 4 hours.

Dhaka to Chittagong bus road is one of the most beautiful bus roads in the entire country. If you are planning a visit to Chittagong, then the bus will be the best companion of you for a comfortable and affordable journey.

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