Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule Time and Ticket Price 2019

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule Time and Ticket Price 2020

Are you looking Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule? Sylhet is an essential city for various purpose. Tourism, economic growth is the mail part of important of Sylhet. Maybe, this post will be useful for you to know details about communication way between Sylhet and Dhaka. Further, you can find the train schedule from Dhaka to Sylhet, ticket price, ticket booking system and more information. Dhaka and Sylhet city are the most important cities in Bangladesh. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and the most significant port for the population. It’s one of the biggest industrial city in Bangladesh. Besides, Sylhet is known as a beautiful tourist spot and tea garden.

Moreover, Sylhet is a land of natural beauty. There are many places of natural beauties like Srimongol, Jaflong, Radar-gul, Bichana-Kandi, etc. Also, Sylhet is famous due to Shah Jalal (RH). For this Dhaka to Sylhet route plays a vital role in the country. There are three ways to communicate between Dhaka and Sylhet by road, airways, and railway. Are you ready to travel from Dhaka to Sylhet? Going by bus is popular for Sylhet and Dhaka route, but trains are quite popular because of safe traveling.

Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule

Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule and other information

Dhaka Sylhet route is the essential routes for tourist and other activities. There have a few trains on this Dhaka-Sylhet route. Four inter-city trains of Bangladesh’s railway is routinely transported according to the train schedule. Besides, Bangladesh railway has added some new railroad in 2020 and past year. Here we have a list in the below of train schedule in this route. After adding new trains, there are six intercity train and four mail train on Dhaka to Sylhet railway. The intercity train is faster than the mail train. The Parabat Express and Kalni Express train takes only 7 hours for traveling.

Behind this, another express provides a short-term break at important railway stations of Dhaka-Sylhet route, and the journey takes 8 or more hours. Further, the mail trains usually are used for shifting various purposes. If you want to make a short trip from Dhaka to Sylhet so, I feel you are in the place. We assure that you are in the right place to get all information between Dhaka-Sylhet. So, stay with us and read this article to find the correct information about Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule.

Dhaka to Sylhet train list and schedule

Thank you for being with us and came here to get information about the train schedule of Dhaka to Sylhet.

  • Parabat Express
  • Jayantika Express
  • Paharika Express
  • Udayan Express
  • Upaban Express
  • Kalni Express
  • Surma mail
  • Jalalabad Express
  • Kushiara Express and
  • Sylhet Comuter.

These are the train list from Dhaka to Sylhet route. The first six trains from the above list are intercity and the last four trains are mail train. These all trains are first class train in this Sylhet Dhaka route. So, get the scheduled time all of this trains from the below. Please look in the table below for full details of Sylhet to Dhaka train schedule.

Train NameTypeFrom DhakaArrival time Sylhet
Parabat ExpressIntercityJanuary 1, 1970January 1, 1970
Jayantika ExpressIntercityJanuary 1, 1970January 1, 1970
Surma MailIntercityJanuary 1, 1970January 1, 1970
Upaban ExpressIntercityJanuary 1, 1970January 1, 1970
Kalni ExpressIntercityJanuary 1, 1970January 1, 1970

Dhaka to Sylhet train ticket price in BD

So, you are ready to go Sylhet from Dhaka by train. You should buy Dhaka to Sylhet train tickets from the ticket counter. There is an available price ticket of different passengers. You will get different facilities on the trains by the rate of the card. We are here to provides the exact ticket price of every train from Dhaka to Sylhet.

Train NameShavonShavon ChairFirst SeatA/C Seat
Parabat Express320425736
Upaban Express265320425
Jayantika Express265320425736
Kalani Express265320425

Dhaka to Sylhet train ticket booking

There are three ways to book a train ticket from Dhaka to Sylhet. The most popular is to buy a ticket from the Railway Station. Besides, you will book train tickets for Dhaka to Sylhet through online.  Now online booking is more advanced and easy way to buy a ticket. There is another way to buy Ticket from Mobile.

Further, the passenger pressure is so, high on this route and It’s so tough to get tickets from the train station. As we know, the tickets already ended before the date of the journey. So, you have bought a ticket before three or four days before. Bangladesh Railway Authority starts selling tickets for Dhaka to Sylhet route 10 days before the date of the journey.

Parabat Express Dhaka to Sylhet ticket price

The Parabat Express began the journey from Dhaka Kamlapur Railway Station to Sylhet at 6.40 am. And the train reached Sylhet Station at 1.40 pm. These are the famous train of Dhaka Sylhet train route. There are three types of the seat on this train at different prices. The train ticket price starts at 320tk to 746tk. Parabat expresses run six days a week. Tuesday is the off day of Parbat Express. After arrival Sylhet Station at 1.40pm, the train left for Dhaka at 3.00 pm from the Railway Station.

Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule and ticket price – Jayantika Express

The Jayantika express start journey from Dhaka Komlapur station at 12:00 pm and reach Sylhet station at 08:00 am. The Jayantika Express takes 8 hours to arrive at Sylhet. Jayantika express takes a short break in twice or more station on the route. The Jayantika express ticket price starts from 265tk to 425tk. Besides, the trains left Sylhet station at 8.20 am and reach Dhaka at 4:20 pm. Thursday is if the day of Jayantika Express.

Thank you for being with us and reading this article. You can find all the information about Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule. In fact, traveling on the train to Sylhet from Dhaka is safe and comfortable. If you have any question about Sylhet to Dhaka train schedule, ticket price? Just comment here.

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