Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule with Ticket Price 2020

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule with Ticket Price 2021

Chittagong and Sylhet are situated in two different parts of Bangladesh. However, a lot of people need to visit these places due to a lot of reasons. Sylhet is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Bangladesh when Chittagong is the business hub of the country. You can travel between the area through bus, train, or air. There is also a river route through it is not that popular. Depending on the comfort and affordability, the train is considered as the best choice to travel between Chittagong and Sylhet.

If you are planning a visit from Chittagong to Sylhet and if you want a comfortable journey, then we will suggest you travel through train. Today, we will give you Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule with Ticket Price 2021. Aside, we will also discuss other facilities on the train route. So, keep reading this article to know the information about the train route in detail.

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule

In This Long Route, you will find three Different trains, Two of intercity trains is Udayan Express and Paharaika Express. Another one is Jalalabad Express. Check below you will find Train Schedule with Ticket price.

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule List

rain NoTrain NameOff DayDepartureFromArrivalTo
13Jalalabad ExpressNo07.30 PMChittagong11.00 AMSylhet
723Uddayan ExpressSaturday09.45 PMChittagong06.20 AMSylhet
719Paharika ExpressMonday09.00 AMChittagong05.50 PMSylhet

There are multiple trains in Chittagong to Sylhet train route. Every day, at least two trains travel Chittagong to Sylhet when two other leaves Sylhet for Chittagong. Currently, there are three trains which you can choose to move on the route. Below, we will provide you the train name along with the schedule.

  • Jalalabad Express
  • Udayan Express
  • Paharika Express

The Jalalabad Express leaves Chittagong at 7.30pm and reaches Sylhet 11.00am. It operates under the train number 13. The train operates throughout the week without any off day. The Udayan Express runs under the train no 723. It leaves Chittagong at 9.45pm and reaches Sylhet at 6.20pm of the next day. Saturday is the weekly holiday for the train. Paharika Express runs under 719. It leaves Chittagong every day at 9.00am and reaches Sylhet 5.50pm. The train operates its service all over the week except Monday.

Sylhet to Chittagong Train Schedule List

The mentioned train in the above also runs in the reverse. In this route, the Jalalabad Express runs under train number 14. It departs from Sylhet at 10.50pm and reaches Chittagong at 01.30PM. They provide continuous service all over the week without any holiday. The Udayan Express runs under train number 724. It departs from Chittagong at 09.20pm and reaches Sylhet at 05.50PM. Sunday is the holiday for the train. The Paharika Express runs under train number 720. It leaves Sylhet at 10.15am and arrives Chittagong at 7.45PM.

Train NoTrain NameOff DayDepartureFromArrivalTo
14Jalalabad ExpressNo10.50 PMSylhet01.30 PMChittagong
724Uddayan ExpressSunday09.20 PMSylhet05.50 AMChittagong
720Paharika ExpressSaturday10.15 AMSylhet07.45 PMChittagong

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Ticket Price

The train ticket price of Sylhet to Chittagong varies on a large scale depending on the seat type. There are different types of seats on the train. The ticket price starts from 175 BDT, which can go up to 1190 BDT. Below, we will give you the specific cost of the ticket depending on the seats.

  • Shulov – 175 BDT
  • Shovon – 300 BDT
  • Shovon Chair – 345 BDT
  • Snigdha – 660 BDT
  • 1st Class Seat – 460 BDT
  • 1st Class Berth – 700 BDT
  • AC Seat – 790 BDT
  • AC Berth – 1190 BDT

How to Buy Train Ticket

There are multiple ways to buy the ticket of Chittagong to Sylhet route. You can traditionally do this by visiting the station’s train ticket-selling booths. On the other hand, you can also use the internet for this procedure. You can buy a ticket from the official website of the Railway as well as from their smartphone app.


The Chittagong to Sylhet is one of the most beautiful railway routes of Bangladesh. It offers you incredible natural beauties of the country which can make your journey much enjoyable. Hopefully, our information on Chittagong to Sylhet train schedule rail services will be helpful for you.

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