Chitra Express Train Schedule and ticket Prices 2019

Chitra Express Train Schedule and ticket Prices 2020

Railways have been a vital means for moving materials and people for more than a hundred years. That is because it’s one of the most important. This is also the commonly used and very cost effective modes of commuting and goods carriage over long distances. Since this system runs on metal rails and wheels, it has an inherent benefit of lesser frictional resistance which helps attack more load in terms of wagons or carriage.

Rail transport has emerged as one of the most dependable modes of transport in terms of safety in Bangladesh. It is least affected by usual weather, as Bangladesh is a tropical country it is very effective for it.

Moreover, it has fixed routes and schedules, and for a traffic problematic country like us it has great time efficiency rather than road transport, Considering this importance of rail, Bangladesh government has given a huge importance in maintaining and organize this transportation system.

Chitra Express Train is one of the intercity express trains of Bangladesh railway. it runs on Dhaka to Khulna route. The Chitra Express train travels from Dhaka to Khulna using the broad gauge bogies. There are around 12 bogies and around 881 seats on the train. The train also has two types of air-conditioned seats which include (AC) cabin and AC chair seats.

Chitra Express Train Schedule and ticket Prices

Chitra Express Train Schedule

If you are interested in traveling to Dhaka to Khulna or Khulna to Dhaka as well, you may need the schedule, ticket prices and off day of Chitra Express for your traveling. For your convenience, all these important information about Chitra Express is given below by us to make your way of buying the ticket a little bit smoother.

Train RouteDepartmentArrivalOff Day
Dhaka to Khulna07:00 pm05:10 amMonday
Khulna to Dhaka8:30 am06:30 pmMonday

Chitra Express Train Ticket Prices

In below the ticket prices of Dhaka to Khulna is given also meanwhile ticket prices of other stoppages in where Chitra express will stop for a certain time for a limited break is given too for your necessary need.

DestinationShovon ChairSnigdhaAC Berth
khulna / Noapara465/-775/-1390/-
Shaheed M Mansur Ali210/-345/-620/-
Bangabandhu Bridge (East)125/-210/-375/-

Main destination ticket prices

Destination: Khulna-Noapara

Shovon Chair:465/-

Snigdha: 775/-

AC berth: 1390/-

Stoppages ticket price

Destination: Jessore

Shovon Chair:420/-

Snigdha: 700/-

AC berth: 1260/-


Shovon Chair:405/-

Snigdha: 670/-

AC berth: 1205/-

Destination: Darshanahalat

Shovon Chair:370/-

Snigdha: 615/-

AC berth: 1110/-

Destination: Chuadanga

Shovon Chair:360/-


AC berth:1075/-

Destination: Alamdanga

Shovon Chair:345/-

Snigdha: 575/-

AC berth: 1035/-


Shovon Chair:335/-

Snigdha: 555/-

AC berth: 995/-

Destination: Mirpur

Shovon Chair:325/-

Snigdha: 540/-

AC berth: 975/-

Destination: Bheramara

Shovon Chair:320/-

Snigdha: 530/-

AC berth: 955/-

Destination: Ishwardi

Shovon Chair:270/-

Snigdha: 450/-

AC berth: 810/-

Destination: Chatmohar

Shovon Chair: 250/-

Snigdha: 415/-

AC berth: 750/-

Destination: Baralabridge

Shovon Chair: 245/-

Snigdha: 405/-

AC berth: 725/-

Destination: Ullapara

Shovon Chair: 225/-

Snigdha: 375/-

AC berth: 670/-

Destination: Shaheed M Mansur Ali

Shovon Chair: 210/-

Snigdha: 345/-

AC berth: 620/-

Destination: Bangabandhu Bridge (East)

Shovon Chair: 125/-

Snigdha: 210/-

AC berth: 375/-

Destination: Tangail

Shovon Chair: 105/-

Snigdha: 175/-

AC berth: 315/-


Shovon Chair: 80/-

Snigdha: 130/-

AC berth: 235/-

Destination: Joydevpur

Shovon Chair: 40/-

Snigdha: 90/-

AC berth: 120/-

How to Buy Train Ticket Chitra Express

You can simply collect the train tickets from the railway station’s ticket counter. From Dhaka and nearby railway stations, tickets are sold using the automatic computerized database network. So the ticket of any destination can be collected from these stations. In these days collecting tickets for rail is easier than before. You can buy your tickets from the internet and pay by Bkash or your card. Selling ticket is started from 10 days before the desired date.

From the following information of Chitra express’s time schedule and ticket prices you can have a journey to Dhaka to Khulna or any of that stoppage without any hassle.

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