Cheap Flights from Dhaka to Kolkata ( Update InFo 2020 )

Dhaka to Kolkata Cheap Flights 2021

More and more people are now choosing airway rather than the bus and train route for better comfort and quicker flight. It takes around 15 to 20 hours to visit Kolkata from Dhaka using bus and train. But when you choose the air service, you can reach your destination at as short as one hour. The price of the air ticket is also dropping now in this route as there are higher competitions in multiple service providers.

Are you looking for cheap flights from Dhaka to Kolkata? If so, then stick with the next part of the article. Today we will let you know the way of getting a low price on Dhaka to Kolkata air ticket prices. We will also provide you other information about Dhaka to Kolkata airways.

Cheap Flights from Dhaka to Kolkata

Dhaka to Kolkata Airline Schedules

As Dhaka to Kolkata is an international route, there is a wide range of airlines which provide the service in this route. They operate the journey multiple times of the day. Below, we provided you some of the flight schedules of some of the popular airways in this route.

Departure Time 7:00 am Arrival Time 7:25 am Airline Name Biman Bangladesh Airline
9:40 am 10:05 am SpiceJet Airline
10:00 am 10:25 am US-Bangla Airlines
10:30 am 11:00 am Regent Airways Limited
11:40 am 12:05 pm US-Bangla Airlines 201
3:45 pm 4:15 pm SpiceJet Airline
5:20 pm 5:55 pm Novoair Airline
7:10 pm 8:00 pm IndiGo Airline
7:20 pm 7:45 pm Biman Bangladesh Airline
9:35 pm 10:05 pm Air India

The airline schedule can change anytime depending on the airline policy as well as weather and air traffics. It takes around one full hour to reach your destination from Dhaka to Kolkata through the airway.

Cheap Flights from Dhaka to Kolkata

The Dhaka to Kolkata air ticket price varies from three thousand Bangladeshi Taka to six thousand Bangladeshi Taka depending on the airline services. Usually, local airline services are cheaper than international airlines. One thing you can do to lower the price is by booking the ticket earlier. The airline service may provide you an amount of discount for earlier booking. On the other hand, there is some flights booking website which also offers promotional discounts on a large scale. You can also follow them for a discount.

How Much Time it Take to Reach from Dhaka to Kolkata?

As we say, it takes a lot of time to reach Dhaka to Kolkata through bus and train services. That is because of the long-distance of the ground distance and custom checkups. The ground distance between Dhaka to Kolkata is around 330kms when the aerial distance is only around 250kms. Besides, you don’t require to go through custom check up multiple times. As a result, you can visit your preferred location within the shortest time comfortably.

Where to Stay at Kolkata?

One exciting thing about the Kolkata city is you will always feel like home there. That is because the people of both towns share the same language, culture, and history. So, you can enjoy Kolkata city entirely without any issues. There are multiple places where you can stay at Kolkata, including affordable and luxurious hotels and resorts.

 Some of the affordable hotel choices in the Kolkata city can be Hotel Park Inn, Tirath Guesthouse, Orbit Hotel, etc. If you seek better and premium choices, then the Hotel Emerald, Oyo Premium, Chowdhury Estate Premium, etc. will be a better choice for you.

Kolkata is a city where history and culture combined to give you an ancient feel. Hopefully, the above information about Cheap Flights from Dhaka to Kolkata will be helpful for you.

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