Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ticket Price - Update Info 2020

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ticket Price

Biman Bangladesh Airline is one, and only government-owned air service provider at Bangladesh. Though a government-owned organization, it is a public limited company with a large number of shareholders.  Biman Bangladesh Airlines operate its services at more than 40 countries of the world. The airline provides both passenger service and cargo service at international and local airway. Being the leading airline service of the country, it carries a large portion of the air passengers every year. 

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is the most preferred service to all the Bangladeshi. If you are searching for the right information about Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ticket Price, then you are in the right place. Today, we will let you know the accurate price of the airlines as well as other information about the air service. So, keep reading this article with keen concentration to know more.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ticket Price

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ticket Price

As we say, Biman Bangladesh airline operates its journey on a vast number of destinations, the price structure changes depending on the destination. However, Biman provides a competitive cheaper price than the other local and international airlines. Below, we provided the fare structure of some of the most popular routes of the airline service:

Dhaka → Kolkata: 8000 to 9000 BDT

Kolkata → Dhaka: 5000 to 8000 BDT

Dhaka → Bangkok: 19,000 to 20,000 BDT

Chittagong→Kolkata: 5000 to 8000 BDT

Dhaka → Cox’s Bazar: 3200 BDT

Dhaka → Jakarta: 25.500 BDT

Dhaka → Paro Bhutan: 17,000 BDT

Dhaka → Kuala Lampur: 18,000 BDT

Dhaka → Hong Kong: 24,200 BDT

Dhaka → Kunming: 35,500 BDT

Dhaka → Muscat: 39,000 BDT

Dhaka → Rome: 45,500 BDT

Dhaka → Singapore: 12000 BDT

Dhaka → New York: 55,000 BDT

Dhaka → Guanzhau: 22,000 BDT

Dhaka → London: 29,500 BDT

Dhaka → Tokyo: 38,500 BDT

In above we provided the airfare structure of some of the famous route of Biman Bangladeshi Airline. We will advise you not to depend on this price schedule as it continuously changes depending on the various things. However, the price difference will not be very different from the price mentioned above.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Schedule

Biman Bangladesh operates its journey on different routes all around the globe. As the schedule of the airline continuously changes depending on various factors, we are unable to provide you further information about the schedule. However, you can easily find out the available schedule for your upcoming journey. 

To do so, at first, go to the official website of the Biman Bangladesh Airline. Now, search for the available flights by choosing your destination and departure point. You will also need to choose the departure day. After that, you will be able to view the available flights on the next page. There will be multiple flights available, and you can choose one according to your preferred time. 

Where to Buy Ticket of Bangladesh Biman Airline?

You can directly buy the airline ticket of Bangladesh Biman from its official website. By following the above method of searching the schedule, you will also be able to see the fare of the ticket. You can also buy the ticket from other ticket travel websites. Choosing the ticket from such services may provide you a discount on your ticket fare.

As we previously said, the ticket fare of the Biman Bangladesh Airline is competitively low than the other service providers. As a result, there are high demands for the ticket. Especially, the popular destinations such as Jeddah, New York, Kolkata, etc. tickets become sold out before a few days of the journey. So, you must book the ticket quicker to avail of the ticket. 

Information About Biman Bangladesh Airlines

After the establishment, the Biman Bangladesh Airline has seen many ups and downs. It started with a small number of aircraft, but currently, there are a large number of aircraft. The service is also expanding on the various newer routes too. On the other hand, Biman ordered ten modernized planes from the Boeing, the most popular manufacturer of the passenger aircraft. Some of the aircraft is already manufactured and in service, and the remaining will be added soon.    

By providing professional services and affordable fare structure, Biman has expanded its velocity day by day. But the growth of the organization is very severely affected by the international corruption and mismanagement. However, in recent years, Biman is showing progress again. In 2018 to 2019, it managed to earn a net profit of ৳237 crore, which is a good sign.

Biman Bangladesh Airline’s Hubs

The Biman Bangladesh Airline is mainly operated from the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Most of the flights of the air service are produced from this hub since its birth. It also has two secondary hubs for operating flights which include Shah Amanat International Airport at Chittagong and Osmani International Airport at Sylhet. Those hubs are used for both passenger carrying and cargo services. The secondary hubs operate only a few flights on the international routes.

Why Choose Bangladesh Biman Airline?

Biman Bangladesh Airline is the main priority to a lot of local and foreign individuals due to its low-cost fare as well as professional services. Though a low-cost service provider on different routes, it ensures you a safe and sound journey. The airline is certified as safe to fly in Europe by the European Aviation Safety Agency. It also passed the IATA operational safety audit. So, you can rely on the airline without any issues.

Bangladesh Biman Airline also provides you a wide variety of onboard facilities. You will receive exclusively prepared meal by Biman Flight Catering Center which also provides catering service to other airlines in this region. There are also built-in Wifi, mobile telephony, TV Stream, Internet service to ensure you that you will enjoy the journey at its best.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is proudly representing the country to the outer world with its classy service and operations. It doesn’t matter whether you want to go, we will suggest you to always use the Biman Airline service for a luxurious tour at the lowest cost. Hopefully, the above information about Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ticket Price the airline will be helpful for you.

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