Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule Time with Details

Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule Time with Details

Day after day Bangladesh Railway improving the facilities of train Service. Bangladesh Government trying to include the modern facilities for the train journey lover. In recent year Bangladesh railway includes some tremendous facility. One of them was the first luxury train service Sonar Bangla Express on the way Dhaka to Chittagong rote. Another step was setting the foundation of Dhaka Metro train and so on.

We know Bangladesh railways provide the service all over the country excepts some District. Which of the district they provide efficient service such as Sylhet, Chittagong, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Bogra, Dinajpur, Rangpur, Kushtia starting from Dhaka. And also the Inter-city Express service runs between Dhaka and most major cities with cheap fares. But Matter of fact that the Train lovers in not eagerly interested in receiving the facility due to the lack of sufficient facility. But new hope is rising nowadays Bangladesh Railway Authority developed the facilities according to the Train schedule and Train ticket price. They already include some facility like large windows and spacious seat, Fans and light also quality food service in some new train. So we can say that something is better than nothing.


At last, we can say that why don’t we think twice? Hope you guys also think twice like me. That why we are here to inform you of the Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule, hope it helps you to know the exact time and remove your suffering.

BD (Bangladesh) Train Schedule

Nowadays Bangladesh Railway Provides the efficient service with standard and cheap price at the rote of Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Mymensingh, Bogra, Dinajpur, Rangpur, Kushtia which is Start from Dhaka.

The Inter-city Express service also runs between Dhaka and most of the major cities with standard price.

To know further details please contact the Bangladesh Railway website (, Dhaka or the Phone of : 88-02-9358634, 8315857, 9331822 Web:

Bangladesh West Zone and East Zone Railway Train Schedule link chart: 

SL NoTrain schedule Name SL NOTrain schedule Name
1dhaka to chittagong train schedule17Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Schedule
2chittagong to dhaka train schedule18Dhaka to Narsingdi Train Schedule
3dhaka to brahmanbaria train schedule19 Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Schedule
4Sonar bangla Train schedule 20Dhaka To Tangail Train Schedule,
5dhaka to mymensingh train schedule21Dhaka To Dinajpur Train Schedule,
6dhaka to sylhet train schedule:22Chitra Express Train Schedule
7 Dhaka to Comilla Train Schedule23 Drutojan Express Train Schedule
8Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule24Bandhan Express Train Schedule
9 Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule 25 Maitree Express Train Schedule
10Dhaka To Khulna Train Schedule26Chattala Express Train Schedule
11 Kalni Express Train Schedule 27Ekota Express Train Schedule

Bangladesh railway schedule

Here we are trying to provide the fall Schedule of Bangladesh Train. The summery of the Bangladesh Train schedule is given below.

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Bangladesh Intercity Trains ( Meter Gauge & Dual Gauge)

Train NoNa me o f TrainsOff-da yStarting station & Dep arture ti me Arrival statio n & Arrival ti me 
Stati onTimeStationTime
701Subar na ExpressMonda yChittagong7:00D h a ka12:10
702Subar na ExpressMonda yDha15:00Chittago ng20:10
703Mo hanagar GoduliNoChittagong15:00D h a ka21:10
704Mo hanag ar ProvatiNoDha7:45Chittago ng13:50
705Ekota ExpressTuesdayDha10:00Dinajpur18:50
706Ekota ExpressMonda yDinajpur23:00D h a ka8:10
707T ista ExpressMonda yDha7:30De wango ng12:40
708T ista ExpressMonda yDe wangong15:00D h a ka20:10
709Parabat ExpressTuesdayDha6:35Syl het13:20
710Parabat ExpressTuesdaySyl15:00D h a ka21:55
711Upukol ExpressW ednesdayNoakhali6:00D h a ka11:50
712Upukol ExpressTuesdayDha15:20Noakhali21:20
713Karutoa ExpressNoSantahar9:00Bori mari15:00
714Karutoa ExpressNoBori mari15:40Santahar22:00
717Joyantika ExpressNoDha12:00Syl het19:40
718Joyantika ExpressT hursda ySyl8:40D h a ka16:00
719P aharika ExpressMonda yChittagong9:00Syl het17:50
720P aharika ExpressSaturda ySyl10:15Chittago ng19:45
721Mo hanagar ExpressSunda yChittagong12:30D h a ka19:00
722Mo hanagar ExpressSunda yDha21:00Chittago ng4:30
723Ud dayan ExpressSaturda yChittagong21:45Syl het6:20
724Ud dayan ExpressSunda ySyl21:20Chittago ng5:50
729Meghna ExpressNoChittagong17:15Chandpur21:40
730Meghna ExpressNoChandpur5:00Chittago ng9:25
735Agnibina ExpressNoDha9:45Tarakandi15:00
736Agnibina ExpressNoT arakand i16:30D h a ka22:35
737Egar osind hur ProvatiW ednesdayDha7:15Kisoregonj11:05
738Egar osind hur ProvatiNoKisoregonj6:50D h a ka10:40
739Up ab an ExpressW ednesdayDha21:50Syl het5:20
740Up ab an ExpressNoSyl22:00D h a ka5:10
741T urna ExpressNoChittagong23:00D h a ka5:25
742T urna ExpressNoDha23:30Chittago ng6:20
743B hara maputraNoDha18:00De wango ng23:50
744B hara maputraNoDe wangong6:30D h a ka12:30
745J amuna ExpressNoDha16:40T arakand i22:30
746J amuna ExpressNoT arakand i2:10D h a ka7:40
749Egar osind hur GoduliNoDha18:30Kisoregonj22:35
750Egar osind hur GoduliW ednesdayKisoregonj12:30D h a ka16:35
751Lal moni ExpressFrida yDha22:10Lal monirhat8:20
752Lal moni ExpressFrida yLal monirhat10:40D h a ka20:55
757Drutojan ExpressW ednesdayDha20:00Dinajpur4:40
758Drutojan ExpressW ednesdayDinajpur9:15D h a ka18:10
767Dolonch ap a ExpressNoSantahar13:30Dinajpur20:20
768Dolonch ap a ExpressNoDinajpur6:10Santahar12:20
771Rangpur ExpressSunda yDha9:00Rangpur19:00
772Rangpur ExpressSunda yRangpur20:00D h a k a6:05
773Kalani ExpressFrida yDha16:00Syl het22:45
774Kalani ExpressFrida ySyl7:00D h a k a13:55
777Haor ExpressW ednesdayDha23:50Mohangonj5:40
778Haor ExpressT hursda yMohangonj8:30D h a k a14:15
781Kishorgonj ExpressFrida yDha10:35Kishorgonj14:20
782Kishorgonj ExpressFrida yKishorgonj14:40D h a k a18:50
785Bijoy ExpressW ednesdayChittago ng7:20M ymensingh15:45
786Bijoy ExpressT uesda yM ymensingh20:00Chittago ng4:50
787Sonar Bangla ExpressTuesdayChittago ng17:00Dha ka22:10
788Sonar Bangla ExpressWednesdayDhaka7:00Chittago ng12:20
789Mohangonj ExpressMonda yDhaka14:20Mohangonj20:10
790Mohangonj ExpressMonda yMohangonj23:30Dhaka6:20

Intercity Trains ( Broad Gauge & Dual Gauge)

Train noNa meOff dayFromDepartureToArrival
71 5Kapotaskh expressSaturdayKhulna6:30Rajshahi12:20
71 6Kapotaskh expressSaturdayRajshahi14:15Khulna20:00
72 5Sundarban expressTuesdayKhulna20:30Dhaka5:40
72 6Sundarban expressW ednesdayDhaka6:20Khulna15:40
72 7Rupsha expressThursdayKhulna7:15Chilahati17:00
72 8Rupsha expressThursdayChilahati8:00Khulna17:40
73 1Barendra expressSundayRajshahi15:00Chilahati21:50
73 2Barendra expressSundayChilahati5:50Rajshahi12:05
73 3Titumir expressWednesdayRajshahi6:20Chilahati13:00
73 4Titumir expressWednesdayChilahati14:00Rajshahi21:10
74 7Simanta expressNoKhulna21:15Chilahati6:20
74 8Si manta expressNoChilahati18:45Khulna4:15
75 3Silkcity expressSundayDhaka14:40Rajshahi20:45
75 4Silk cit y expressSundayRajshahi7:30Dhaka13:30
75 5Madhumati expressThursdayGoalonda Ghat15:00Rajshahi20:25
75 6Madhumati expressThursdayRajshahi7:00G o alon da Ghat12:20
75 9Padma ExpressTuesdayDhaka23:10Rajshahi4:40
76 0P adma ExpressTuesdayRajshahi16:00Dhaka21:40
76 1Sagardari ExpressMondayKhulna15:00Rajshahi21:40
76 2Sag ard ari ExpressMondayRajshahi6:40Khulna12:45
76 3Chittra ExpressMondayKhulna8:40Dhaka18:40
76 4Chittra ExpressMondayDhaka19:00Khulna3:50
76 5NilsagarMondayDhaka8:00Chilahati17:45
76 6NilsagarSundayChilahati21:20Dhaka7:10
76 9Dhumketue ExpressSaturdayDhaka6:00Rajshahi11:40
77 0Dhumketue expressFridayRajshahi23:20Dhaka4:50
77 5Siraj gonj ExpressSaturdaySirajgonj6:00Dhaka10:15
77 6Siraj gonj ExpressSaturdayDhaka17:00Sirajgonj21:25
77 9Kalukhali- Vatiap ara ExpressThursdayVatiapara Ghat14:00Goalondho17:50
783Faridpur ExpressT hursdayRajbari8:10Faridp ur9:00
784Faridpur ExpressThursdayFaridpur9:20Rajbari10:10
78 0Kalukhali- Vatiap ara ExpressThursdayRajbari10:40Vatiapara G hat13.1
Mo n.Tues.
3107/Mo itree Express&ThursdayDhaka Cantt08:15 (BST)Kolkata16:00 (IST)
Moitree ExpressW ed. Thus.& FridayDhaka Cantt.16:05 (BST)
3108/Kolkata07:10 (IST)
3129Bandhan ExpressRunning only T hursda yKolkata7:10Khulna12:30 (BST)
3130Bandhan ExpressRunning only T hursda yKhulna13:30Kolkata18:10 (IST)

Bangladesh Mail/Express Trains ( Metre Gauge):

Train noN a m eOff dayFromDepartureToArrival
1Dhaka mai lNoChittagong22:30Dhaka6:55
2Chittagong mai lNoDhaka22:30Chittagong7:25
3Karnaphuli expressNoChittagong10:00Dhaka19:45
4Karnaphuli expressNoDhaka8:30Chittagong18:00
7Uttarban ga mailNoSantah ar9:30Punchogor21:30
8Uttarban ga mailNoPunchogor9:00Santah ar22:40
9Surma mai lNoDhaka22:50Sylhet12:10
10Surma mai lNoSylhet18:45Dhaka9:15
11Dhaka expressNoNoakhali20:40Dhaka6:40
12Noakhal i expressNoDhaka20:20Noakhali5:50
13Jal al abad expressNoChittagong19:30Sylhet11:00
14Jal al abad expressNoSylhet22:50Chittagong12:40
17Kushi ara expressNoAkhaura6:00Sylhet14:00
18Kushi ara expressNoSylhet16:00Akhau ra23:50
19Bogra expressNoSantah ar16:00Lalmonirhat22:20
20Bogra expressNoLalmonirhat6:25Santah ar12:40
21Padmarag expressNoSantah ar6:30Lal mani rhat12:25
22Padmarag expressNoLal mani rhat14:10Santah ar20:10
29Sagarika expressNoChittagong7:30Chandpu r13:00
30Sagarika expressNoChandpu r14:00Chittagong19:25
33Titas commuterNoAkhaura5:00Dhaka8:30
34Titas commuterNoDhaka9:30B.Bari12:10
35Titas commuterNoB.Bari12:30Dhaka15:15
36Titas commuterNoDhaka17:40Akhau ra21:20
37My mensi ngh expressNoChittagong15:30B.B Se tu Purb o9:20
38My mensi ngh expressNoB.B Setu Purb o0:45Chittagong21:05
39Isakhan expressNoDhaka11:30Mymensi ngh21:25
40Isakhan expressNoMymensi ngh12:00Dhaka23:00
41Kanchan expressNoParbati pur8:00Th ak ur g a o n Ro ad11:45
42Kanchan expressNoTh ak ur g ao n Ro ad13:00Parbati pur16:50
45Samatat expressNoNoakhali7:00Laksam9:15
46Samatat expressNoLaksam18:00Noakhali19:50
47Dewanganj CommuterNoDhaka5:40De w a ng a nj Ba zar11:40
48Dewanganj CommuterNoDewnganj Baz ar13:00Dhaka19:15
49Bal aka CommuterNoDhaka4:45Jhari a Jhangail10:00
50Bal aka CommuterNoJhari a Jhangail12:00Dhaka17:25
51Jamalpur commu terNoDhaka15:40De w a ng o nj Ba zar22:15
52Jamalpur commu terNoDe w a ng o nj Baz ar5:00Dhaka11:15
55Vawal l expressNoDhaka21:20De w a n go n g Ba zar5:40
56Vawal expressNoDe w a n g o n g Baz ar2:00Dhaka11:35
59Ramsagor expressNoBonarpara6:30Di najpur13:20
60Ramsagor expressNoDi najpur14:50Bonarpara21:45
61Dinajpur Commu terNoLalmonirha6:50Berol10:40
62Dinajpur Commu terNoBerol11:10Lalmonirhat14:50
63Lal moni CommuterNoLalmonirha12:50Parboti pur15:30
64Lal moni CommuterNoParboti pur5:55Lalmonirhat8:00
65Buri mari Commuter-1NoLalmonirha8:10Buri mari10:15
66Buri mari Commuter-2NoBuri mari10:40Lalmonirhat12:50
67Chattala ExpressTuesdayChittagong8:15Dhaka15:35
68Chattala ExpressTuesdayDhaka13:00Chittagong20:50
69Parbotipur CommuterNoLalmonirha16:45Parboti pur19:20
70Parbotipur CommuterNoParboti pur20:20Lalmonirhat22:25
71Buri mari Commuter-3NoLalmonirha15:00Buri mari17:30
72Buri mari Commuter-4NoBuri mari18:00Lalmonirhat20:40
75Dholesssory ExpressNoMymensi ng h11:45B.B Se tu East15:45
76Dholesssory ExpressNoB.B Setu17:50Mymensi ngh22:50
79Laksam CommuterFridayChittagong17:30Comilla21:05
80Laksam CommuterSaturdayComilla5:30Chittagong8:50
81Chandpur CommuterFridayChandpur9:40Comilla12:20
82Chandpur CommuterFridayLaksam7:00Chandpu r9:00
83Chandpur CommuterFridayChandpur17:00Comilla19:45
Dow nChandpur CommuterFridayComilla20:15Laksam20:55
84Chandpur CommuterFridayComilla12:25Chandpu r15:50
85Noakhal i CommuterFridayNoakhal i10:20Comilla12:55
86 UpNoakhal i CommuterFridayLaksam6:55Comilla7:25
86Noakhal i CommuterFridayComilla7:30Noakhali10:10
87Noakhal i CommuterFridayNoakhal i17:00Laksam18:45
88Noakhal i CommuterFridayComilla13:05Noakhali16:40
Dow nComilla CommuterTuesdayAkhaura5:00Comilla6:00
89Comilla CommuterTuesdayComilla6:10Dhaka12:50
90Comilla CommuterMondayDhaka13:30Comilla19:52
90 UpComilla CommuterFridayComilla20:00Akhau ra21:20
91Mymensi nghW ednesdayJoydebpu r12:30Mymensi ngh15:20
92Mymensi nghThursdayMymensi ng9:25Joydebpur12:15
93Sylhet CommuterFridayAkhaura15:30Sylhet21:55
94Sylhet CommuterFridaySylhet7:30Akhau ra13:50
97Korigram Settle-Korigram19:40Lalmonirhat21:15
98Korigram Settle-Lalmonirhat17:05Korigram19:20
Turag/1Turag ExpressFridayDhaka5:00Joydebpur6:00
Turag/2Turag ExpressFridayJoydebpu r7:30Dhaka8:45
Turag/3Turag ExpressFridayDhaka17:20Joydebpur18:40
Turag/4Turag ExpressFridayJoydebpu r19:10Dhaka20:30
Joydebpur Commuter-FridayDhaka10:15Joydebpur11:45
Joydebpur Commuter-FridayJoydebpu r12:00Dhaka13:15
Joydebpur Commuter-FridayDhaka13:50Joydebpur15:05
Joydebpur Commuter-FridayJoydebpu r15:20Dhaka16:55
Narayanganj Commuter-1FridayNarayanganj6:35Dhaka7:15
Narayanganj Co m mu ter -2FridayDhaka5:40Narayanganj6:20
Narayanganj Co m mu ter -3FridayNarayanganj14:35Dhaka15:20
Narayanganj Co mmu t er -4FridayDhaka13:40Narayanganj14:20
Narayanganj Co m mu t er -5FridayNarayanganj23:05Dhaka23:45
Narayanganj Co m mu t er -6FridayDhaka22:05Narayanganj22:50
Tongi Commuter-1FridayDhaka5:25Tongi6:10
Tongi Commuter-2FridayTongi8:30Dhaka9:35
Nazirhat Commuter-1FridayChittagong6:30Nazirhat8:10
Nazirhat Commuter-2FridayNazirhat9:15Chittagong11:10
Nazirhat Commuter-3FridayChittagong11:30Nazirhat13:10
Nazirhat Commuter-4FridayNazirhat13:20Chittagong15:00

Bangladesh Mail/Express Trains (Duel Gauge & Broad Gauge):

Tr ain NoNameOff dayFromDepartu reToArrival
5Rajshahi expressNoDhaka11:20Chapai nawabga nj22:20
6Rajshahi expressNoChapai nawabganj8:10Si rajgonj17:10
15Ma h a n an d a Ex pr es sNoKhulna11:00Chapai nawabga nj21:40
16Ma h a n an d a Ex pr es sNoRahanpur5:40Khulna16:40
23Rocket expressNoKhulna9:30Parbati pur22:00
24Rocket expressNoParbati pur9:10Khulna23:45
25Nakshi kantha expressNoKhulna2:00Goal ondaghat11:00
26Nakshi kantha expressNoGoal ondaghat13:00Khulna22:00
27Chil ahati expressNoParbati pur3:30Chil ahati5:00
28Chil ahati expressNoChil ahati7:00Parbati pur8:50
31Uttara expressNoRajshahi12:30Parbati pur20:15
32Uttara expressNoParbati pur3:15Rajshahi10:20
53Benapol CommuteNoKhulna6:00Benapol8:30
54Benapol CommuteNoBenapol15:30Khulna18:10
57Rajshahi CommuteTuesdayIshu rdi7:00Chapai nawabga nj11:10
58Rajshahi CommuteTuesdayChapai nawabganj13:00Rajshahi14:40
77Rajshahi CommuteTuesdayRajshahi15:20Rahanpur17:00
78Rajshahi CommuteTuesdayRahanpur17:45Ishurdi21:20
95Khulna Commute-Khulna12:10Benapul14:30
96Khulna Commute-Benapul9:30Khulna11:40
R angp ur Com m uter- 1MondayParbati pur10:00Lal monirhat11:50
R angp ur Com m uter- 2MondayLalmoni rhat12:00Parbati pur14:20
Panchagar Commuter-1MondayParbati pur15:10Panchagar18:20
Panchagar Commuter-2MondayPanchagar18:30Parbati pur21:35

Final Description of Bangladesh train schedule

Total train area of Bangladesh is a  2877.10 km: route. The Bangladesh Railway is providing passenger services on a total of 20855 routes for all categories of people in the society. In order to inspect the various activities of Bangladesh Railway related to the management of trains and to ensure the safety of transport by rail. The government of Bangladesh first constitutes separate railway division and later railway ministry under the Ministry of Communications.

For the regular people who travel by train, this is our little effort of arrangement all train schedule of Bangladesh for all the routes of the Bangladesh Railway.

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