Sonar Bangla Train Ticket Price with Train Schedule

Sonar Bangla Train Ticket Price with Train Schedule

The Sonar Bangla Train is one of the new additions in Bangladesh railway service.  It comes with a lot of additional facilities which are not available in the previous trains. The government has added this train to provide a fast and comfortable journey for the travelers. If you are looking for Sonar Bangla train schedule and other information about the Sonar Bangla train service then keep reading this article.

In this article, we will provide you with all the important information about the Sonar Bangla train which is collected form Bangladesh Railway Website. We will let you know the ticket price, departure time along with the schedule of the train in below.Sonar Bangla Train Ticket Price with Train Schedule


The Sonar Bangla train is a nonstop express train service in Bangladesh which runs on the Dhaka-Chittagong route. There are only two nonstop train services in Bangladesh and the Sonar Bangla is one of them. The government has added this train to enhance the communication in Dhaka Chittagong route, an important route which is directly connected with the economy of the country.

The train first comes to service in the June of 2016. The uniqueness of the train is it offers quality foods in the time of journey. There are 16 red-green colored compartments in the train which are imported from Indonesia. The train has only one stoppage in the Airport station of Dhaka. It takes around five hours to reach the destination. This is one of the fastest trains in Bangladesh.

There are around 746 seats of different variety in the train available for the customers. Seats are measured in three ways. There are first class AC berth, shovon chair and Snigdha AC seats in the bus. We will discuss the seat and the price briefly in below.

Sonar Bangla Train Schedule

The Sonar Bangla train is one of the very few trains which maintain the proper schedule. As like as the other trains, it has a different schedule for Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka route. The train operates it service six days of the week. Saturday is the off day for this train.


We have previously mentioned that the train’s departure at a different time from the two stations. The train starts the journey from the Kamalapur Railway Station at 7 am and reaches the Chittagong railway station at 12.40 averagely. Though it’s a non-stop service it takes a short break at the Dhaka airport station.

Chittagong to Dhaka Schedule

As there is only one train, the Sonar Bangla rotate from the c=Chittagong station to departure for Dhaka. The train leaves Chittagong station at 5 pm and takes around 10.40 to reach the Kamalapur railway station. In the time of returning, it also takes a break at the Airport station. In Friday the train doesn’t operate the Chittagong to Dhaka journey.

Sonar Bangla Express Train Ticket Prices

Sonar Bangla is one of the most luxurious train services in Bangladesh. There are very few trains in Bangladesh which will provide you with such smooth services. Besides, there are additional features in the train such as prayer hall, better seats, and foods in the time of the journey etc. As a result, the price of the train ticket is a little bit higher than the other trains.

The price of the train ticket varies on the seat types as there are three types of seats on the train. The price of the Shovon chair is 600 BDT when the price of Snighdha is 1000 BDT. The AC seats will cost you around 1100 BDT. Remember that the ticket price includes the fare of the foods. So you will not need to pay for the food additionally.

How to Buy the Train Ticket

There are several ways to buy the train ticket for the Sonar Bangla Express Train. The most obvious and popular way is buying the ticket from the station directly. For this, you will need to visit the railway station. However, nowadays you can easily cut the train ticket just by an SMS from the mobile. Besides, you can also reserve the ticket from the internet by visiting the ticket distributing website for Bangladesh trains.

Hopefully, the above article about the Sonar Bangla train schedule will help you to all the information about the Sonar Bangla train. We wish you a happy journey.

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