Dhaka to Brahmanbaria Train Schedule with Ticket Price

Dhaka to Brahmanbaria Train Schedule with Ticket Price

The Dhaka to Brahmanbaria is an important route of Bangladesh Railway. All the trains from Dhaka to Chittagong go through this station. Besides, all the train of Comilla, Nowakhali, and Sylhet go through this station. As a result, the Dhaka to Brahmanbaria rail station is one of the busiest railways in Bangladesh. If you are looking for Dhaka to Brahmanbaria train schedule then keep reading this article.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information about Dhaka to Brahmanbaria route. We will let you know the train name, ticket price, train departure time, and other related information in below. We will also let you know how to book by train ticket price easily.Dhaka to Brahmanbaria Train Schedule with Ticket Price

Dhaka to Brahmanbaria Train Schedule

There are a large number of trains in Dhaka to barhamanbaria route as most of the big cities train goes through this station which departure from Dhaka. Here is some of the popular train service in Dhaka to Brahamanbaria route.

Dhaka to Brahmanbaria Train List:

  • Mahanagar express
  • Parabat express
  • Upokul express
  • Joyantica express
  • Turna Express

The above mentioned trains are intercity train in this route. There are some mail trains too which go through this route. Here is the list of the mail trains in the Dhaka brahamanbaria route:

  • Dhaka mail
  • Kornofuli express
  • Surma mail
  • Dhaka express
  • Titas commuter

Dhaka to Brahmanbaria Train Schedule and Ticket Price

If you need to know the train schedule then normally you will need to go to the station. However, to make it easier for you, we have given the full Dhaka to B Baria train time schedule in below. The train departure and arrival time varies from train to train. There is specific time for the trains but most of the time the train doesn’t start the station within the mentioned time. Besides, sometimes the train delays for a long period of time because of accident and other issues on the route. We have discussed the train departure time and ticket price in below.

Mahanagar godholi

The Mahanagar godholi express is one of the most popular trains which connect capital Dhaka and port city Chittagong. The train also stops at the Brahamanbaria station. The Mahanagar godholi express departs from the Brahamanbaria station at 07.09 PM for Dhaka and reach at Dhaka station at 9.10 PM. The train operates it service all over the week and there is no off day for this train.

Ticket Price:

Parabat express

The Parabat express is another popular intercity train in brahamanbaria to Dhaka station. It departs from the brahamanbaria station at 7.44 PM for Dhaka and takes around 9.50 PM to reach the destination. Tuesday is the weekly holiday for the Parabat Express.

Ticket Price:

Upokul express

The Upokul express is one of the fastest trains to visit from Brahamanbaria to Dhaka. It takes around less than two hours to reach the destination. It starts the journey from Brahmanbaria at 9.36 AM and reaches the Dhaka station at 11.50 AM. Wednesday is the weekly holiday for this train.

Ticket Price:

Joyantica express

The Joyantica express is a train from the Sylhet Dhaka route. It also stops at the Brahmanbaria station. The Joyantica Express starts its journey from the brahamanbaria station from 1.39 PM and reaches the destination Dhaka station at the 4.00 PM. Thursday is the weekly holiday for this train.

Ticket Price:

Turna Express

The Turna Express is another fast train in Dhaka to Brahmanbaria road. It takes around 1.45 minutes to reach the destination. The train starts from the Brahamanbaria at 3.18 PM and reaches the destination at 5.25 PM. There are no weekly holidays for this train.

Ticket Price:

Bangladesh Railway Ticket Online Booking

You can easily book the ticket at any time by visiting the train station from the ticket counter. However, there are easy ways to book tickets. Nowadays, you will don’t even need to visit the station. You can book the ticket from the comfort of your home just by a simple SMS. You can also book the ticket from the internet visiting the specific site for booking ticket from Bangladesh.

Nothing beats the train journey to travel from one place to another. It is fast, comfortable, and also allows you to enjoy the beautiful countryside scenarios too. Hopefully, the article about Dhaka to Brahmanbaria Train Schedule will be helpful for you.

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